Sunny Antics

Welp, it's been a hot minute since I blogged...OOPS.  This month has been INSANE -- I've averaged 15-20 shoots PER WEEK and blogging unfortunately has taken a backseat. I'm SORRY!!!  I'm going to try and get caught up a bit with our monthly highlights, and I thought what a better way to do that would be to share some of Sunny's antics!

Goodness I love this dog.  We are so so so thankful for her and she truly has been such a light in this craphole of a year 2020 has been.  She's gained a pound since we got her (woot!) -- tipping the scales at 2.8 pounds right now and as fluffy as ever.  Her hair has gotten so long and fluffy -- and she will be going to the groomer for the first time next week.  She finally got her rabies vaccination, along with all of her other ones, and will be getting spayed in another month.  Such a lot of happenings for this 4 month old pup of ours!! 

Anyways, I wanted to share some of her adventures from the past month to put a bit of happy in your blog readin' inbox :) 

Sunny gets a lot of baths...cause she likes to roll in gross things. HAHA!

Belly rubs are her absolute most favorite thing!  Whenever she sees someone new she gets so excited and runs up to them and promptly flops over on her belly and wants them to give her a good scratch.

I got Sunny this rainbow toy at Target and it is her favorite AND mine too.  Also makes for a great photo prop :) 

Sunflower, meet Sunflower!! HAHA!

Sunny's favorite place to perch is under Clark's tree.  

That tongue!! GAH! So cute!

Sunny loves her new stuffies we got her from Arch Apparel.  They squeak too and she's a big, territorial fan :) 

Helping me send off some more breastmilk! 

This was the funniest thing ever -- when we still had our pool up Sunny lemming-ed off the raft and went right in and got SOAKED!! She looked like a drowned rat. 

She really loves to swing, mostly with Teddy or Annie.

Right before she jumped off of the raft into the icy waters below.

OMG that fluffy little strut! SO DARN CUTE!!

HAD TO get a pic of Sunny with the Nelly beer! I mean, DUH!!  Definitely a STL thing, so you gotta do it.

And that's it!  I hope these all put you in a wonderful floof-y mood seeing them makes you smile as much as Sunflower does for us each and every day! :) 

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