Teddy at 11 Months

HOW HOW HOWWWWWW is this dude just a month away from turning one?! I cannot believe it!  It hit me yesterday when I was ordering his first birthday cake and smash cake -- our little bookend is going to be one soon and I cannot believe it.  This year has truly flown by.

Ted turned 47 weeks old this past Monday so, naturally, here's weeks 1 - 47 all collaged-up for ya!

Ted is definitely still a big dude...very much following Patrick and Rosie's growth pattern it seems!  I have so loved getting to document his growth these past 11 months and as tedious as it can be, I am SO SO SO glad to have all of these pics and documentation to look back on!

Anddddd keeping with our monthly tradition, we had a little photoshoot to celebrate 11 whole months!

I will say this was hands-down the hardest month to snap cause Ted was allllllll over the place and he seemingly could not be contained! I was sweating big bullets taking these and I'm not gonna lie I'm totally dreading next month's butttttt, again, I am so glad I'll have done them to look back on!

We head back to the doc in another month for his 12 month/one year check up...so now, your favorite part: my mom stats! WOOT!

  • Teddy weighs 24 pounds 2 ounces -- he's a big fella!  I'll be curious if he tops 25 pounds by 12 months old... but yeah, he's a tank.  He's wearing mostly 18-24 month clothes and I'm kinda hoping he hangs out in this size for a while and we can get some use out of them! HAHA!  I'm guessing he's around 31 inches or so tall... he seems long but WHAT DO I KNOW. 
  • Our little sleeping snafu from last month is officially behind us!  Patrick has been relocated for now to sleeping in the girls' room...and Ted is back to having his room to himself!  This seems to greatly help the sleeping situation and there aren't any more 2am wake up parties happening! WOOT!  We're kind of 'wait and see-ing' about what we'll do going forward as far as room sharing...but for now, what we're doing is working so we aren't gonna change the status quo.
  • Naps are going great, as they always have been.  He normally falls asleep around 12-12:30pm and sleeps usually till 2:30/3:30pm...usually a solid 2-3 hour nap a day and it's awesome.  Still just one nap a day and hoping he hangs onto that as long as the big kids did too!
  • Is an eating fool!  Has really transitioned away from purees and onto mostly solids, and mostly feeding himself!  He seems to eat everything that you toss in front of him which is great and I hope that keeps up forever and he gets Patrick's not picky appetite.
  • Is a crawling fool!  He is so fast and can get anywhere SO DARN QUICKLY.  Recently has started pulling up too -- really loves to stand up!  I'm sure he'll be taking steps holding onto things befhre we know it.
  • Has 6 crazy sharp teeth!  He has bitten me a few times while nursing (SO MUCH OUCHIES) and has just shown how razor sharp his little fangs are!  I'm betting some more teeth are on their way soon cause it seems like Ted has been drooling more too.
  • Still battling eczema like crazy.  It's mostly on his cheeks and chin, but does pop up on his arms/hands and belly and legs sometimes too.  We still haven't pinpointed what is causing it, but the cream we use does help a lot.  If I'm honest I'm kinda dreading the winter coming cause I feel like that's reallllllllly gonna make it flare up like crazy! UGH.
  • Big huge thumb sucker -- always his left thumb!  And seems to do it when he's tired or just needs that extra little self-soothing comfort.
  • Loves stroller rides, shopping cart rides -- basically anything he can be put in and be pushed!  He loves going on adventures and walks and that usually calms him down instantly and puts him in a happy mood.
  • Really enjoys going on adventures -- we've been on more and more lately (to the park and store!) and I think he's super curious and just loves to see everything and what is going on around him.
  • OBSESSED with his siblings.  They can always get a laugh out him and are his favorite form of entertainment.  He loves them so much and I think the feeling in mutual because the big kids go nuts whenever they see Teddy too!
  • Hit or miss (daily!) on whether he likes Sunny or not.  Sometimes it seems like he can't get enough of her...other times he wants absolutely nothing to do with her.  Definitely a love-hate relationship like most siblings have. HAHA!
  • Nicknames still include: Ted, Teddy Boy, Tedster, Mister Tedster, Mister, Mister Man, Mister T, Tedward, Ted Bed, Ted Man, Teddy Bear, Bug, Teddy Graham...he's got a LOT of names we call him, that's for sure! And he seems to respond to all of them! haha!

Welp...I think that's it on the noteworthy milestones front for this 11th month!

And now, my favorite part: the comparison snappies!  

And finally, all of the kiddos at 11 months old!

Oh Ted, what an {almost} great first year it's been!  So excited to see what this last month has in store for you little one!  We love you so much and cannot wait to keep watching you grow big guy!

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