1SE: February 2021

Ahhhh, another month in the books!  And this one seriously FLEW by.  Like whoa.  Tomorrow is March!  I cannot believe it!  But also duh, it's March...it's been March for the past 365 days!  HA!

In all seriousness, this month has given us some glimpses of light at the end of this long dark COVID tunnel.  Almost every adult is fully vaccinated (Me! Mike! KiKi! My parents! Mike's parents!) and that has brought some amazing reunions after much time away...so I am so grateful for that this month.

I'm hoping and praying things continue to go up from here and more things open up, restrictions relax, and we keep getting more and more glimpses of the normalcy we all so miss and crave.  We are off to Florida for spring break in a few weeks and I am so stinking excited I can barely stand it!  It's gonna be amazing and I don't even care we've got an 18 hour drive to get there! HAHA!

Also! While I've got you here...it's day 59 of 365 of this year...so a funsie little collage update for my captionless project!

Adios February...onto March!  Excited to see what you bring!!

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