Fully Vaccinated.


It's official - I'm on day 28...

Your gal is fully vaccinated with full immunity! YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!

A week ago I got my second and final COVID vaccine (I shared about getting my first one here) and today I hit that lovely 95% immunity mark and dammit.  It feels so good.

It's kinda crazy to think about that no one in our house has gotten COVID -- because I feel like sooooo many friends and family have but we have escaped this plague...and now that I'm fully vaccinated (and Mike has been since September since he was in the Pfizer trial and got the legit vaccine), I feel like we are gonna escape this.  And damn, that feels so awesome, especially since if we have an exposure neither Mike or I have to quarantine! WOOT!

I got a new piece of art for my badge...which is crazy because not even 24 hours after my second vaccine I was back up at the hospital snapping a little baby born sleeping, and I felt so good I was able to do this for this family, and do it safely.

I will day, about 12 hours after my shot I woke up with body aches and chills...and then for about the next 24 hours I felt like complete shit.  It was awful, I could barely function (thank goodness the big kids were in school and my parents took Ted for the day for me!) -- I laid on the couch and didn't do anything and it was just what I needed...my body was clearly working so hard to amp up some defense for this nasty virus.  But by the next day I felt completely normal and my icky feelings were gone nearly as fast as they came.  Even if they'd have lasted a week, it'd have been SO WORTH IT.

So yay science, yay vaccines, yay hopefully an end to this pandemic SOON.  I miss old life and seeing friends and family whenever we want!! 

This is our end ticket people: get the vaccine.  And let's get COVID behind us as soon as we can. 

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