1SE: April 2021

Ahhhh, friends, another month in the books!

And this one went by freaky fast.  Like SO SO SO fast.  I cannot CANNOT believe tomorrow is May!  While last year seemingly crept by...this 2021 year is really going by in an instant.  I cannot believe we're just a few weeks away from wrapping up the school year and welcoming summer vacay!

As the months of 2021 get deeper, we get more and more glimpses back of 'our old normal' and I AM HERE FOR IT.  It's been a super tough past year, and I think everyone is loving all of these restrictions lifting and things starting to open back and and remind us of what life was like (and that we took for granted!) before COVID hit.

Anyways, here's April in a 1 second a day nutshell!

And for good measure, here's January - April (120 days!) of my #mooneycaptionless365 project too!

Onto May we goooooooo!!!

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