Rosie at 6 Years Old


My biggest little lady is SIX YEARS OLD today!  I cannot believe it!!

Even though this past year feels like it lasted a million days, it truly does feel like yesterday we were celebrating her 5th birthday -- and now here we are a full year later celebrating #6!!

We are doing a low-key birthday for our biggest gal this year - we got a piñata to smash after school with the neighbor kids and then we are doing pizza and cake and presents with the grandparents + KiKi.  I still was iffy on a big friends party this year with COVID (although in hindsight I think we could have done it just fine), so I know 2022 will bring a party again for our little gal!

Keeping with tradition 'round these parts, we hit up the backyard for her 6 year photoshoot!

And once again, I took a billion pics and am spamming her post here with them. haha! Sorry! 

I justttttt remembered last night that I never scheduled her 6 year doc checkup (oooops!), so I called today to get that scheduled...for mid June.  Oops.  Got a little wait until that happens! HA!  But, until then, you're left with my super official mom stats for 6 year old Rosie! WOOT!

  • Rosie weighs 56 pounds on the dot!  And is I'm guessing around 46" or so tall (I think! I have no clue! Haha!).  She's a big girl and just perfect.  She wears 7-8 clothes and size 13 shoes. 
  • Rosie has lost 2 teeth!  Her bottom 2 front teeth have gone (and OMG what a drama llama she is about having those come out! haha!) and I'm guessing a lot more will be following suit this year too!
  • Despite starting the first 9 weeks online, Rosie is back in person (4 days a week, still virtual on Fridays) for Kindergarten and absolutely looooooves it! Her teacher says she's doing wonderfully and is such a great example for the rest of the class.  She is cooperative, listens, is such a helper, and is a great friend to her little buddies in her class.
  • Rosie is fiercely independent - she does enjoy playing with others, but I truly think she would be just as happy playing by herself.  She is very organized -- everything from her backpack to her bed to her desk has its own place -- and it's just s perfect representation of our little lady.
  • Ro is on her third year of dance class and is looooooving it.  This year she's in a jazz/acro class and is really enjoying it.  She looks forward to her Monday night classes so much!  And it sucks with COVID this year that we can't go watch and peek in...but that just makes the recital coming up all the more exciting cause we'll be able to see her perform for the first time!
  • Is such a girly-girl: she loves all things pink, sparkles, dolls, princesses, Barbies, LOLs, Mini Brands, squishes -- all tiny, little things she is just obsessed with!  She loves playing with her Barbie dream house with Annie, loves playing with her baby dolls, loves dressing up, and loves to change her clothes four thousand times a day!  With that, I rarely get to pick out her clothes anymore - she has an opinion on everything and deciding which clothes she'd like to wear that day top it! 
  • Absolutely looooooooves getting her hair and nails done!  NeeNee always seems to be the best with her hair, but I feel like I'm getting better and better doing it for her ;-) She is obsessed with her scrunci and clip and bow and headband collection and seriously spends so much time picking out which one she wants in.
  • She absolutely adores her siblings and playing with each and every one of them...but she does have a special bond with her little sister Annie.  They are truly inseparable and love doing everything together!  They love matching, they love so many of the same things -- they truly are two peas in a pod and just have the best time together!  I just love watching their relationship each and every day -- I never had a sister, so getting to have two girlies of my own and watching them experience that sister bond is truly the best. 
  • Is truly an iPad whiz!  She got a new (to her!) iPad earlier this year with an Apple pencil and she has mastered it so well.  She loves the different learning apps and watching videos and drawing pictures and all of the things!  She is very responsible and always makes sure it's charged too.
  • Ro is so creative - she loves to draw and color more than almost anything!  She will spend hours drawing whatever her little heart desires, and loves watching how to draw videos on YouTube!  She also loves playing with Play-Doh and putty and creating different things with those too.  Art is her favorite special in school and I can see why!
  • Loves loves loves to play outside and ride her scooter!  She's slowly learning to ride her two wheel bike (hopefully she'll master that this year!) but she just loves being outside so much!  Our neighborhood has really exploded with new kids this past year and each kiddo cannot get outside fast enough every day after school to go play with their friends.
  • Good lord, you'd think by 6 the whining and dramatics would have calmed down but nopppppppe. I swear some days are worse now than when she was a 2 year old toddler!  She will be in a fine mood and something will set her off and OMG. WWIII erupts.  We've been trying to work on ways to minimize her set offs, and when she does get set off to quickly calm it...and, welp, I'll just say we are working on this.  Fortunately these only seem to happen at home (or sometimes at NeeNee's house), so she doesn't do these dramatics at school, which totally shows she is capable of calming herself when need be.  Guess we'll just keep working on it!
  • Is a pretty good eater, and usually will eat whatever we serve her!  She sometimes is hesitant to try new things but usually will take a bite or two to appease up.  Her favorite food still are pizza lunchables (gross! haha) but she loves fruit so much that usually she is always asking for more strawberries or bananas!
  • Covid has definitely turned her into a bigger homebody.  It really REALLY takes a lot of coaxing to get her to agree to spend the night out (and usually will only do it if Patrick and/or Annie are going with her) -- she really loves being at home! Which I can't say I don't love ;-)
  • Tons of nicknames still: Roey, Ro Ro, Robot, Rosie girl, Ro Boat. 
Ahhhh, friends, that's a wrap on Rosie at 6!  I still cannot believe she's SIX! I think she'll always feel like she's 2 years old to me.  Haha!  But goodness, what a big girl - and little lady! - she's turning into!  I cannot wait to see what happens in this next trip around the sun for our gal! Oh Rosie girl! We love you so much! Have the best birthday EVER!

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