Rosie at 5 Years Old


I cannot CANNOT believe it.  I told Mike the other day I just forever feel like she is 2 years old and BAM!  Here she is at FIVE.  And starting kindergarten in just a few months! (hopefully! go away and die COVID-19!!).  Wow. JUST WOW.  I cannot CANNOT freaking believe it.

And what a different birthday this year's is -- no party, no big out to dinner event -- just a day at home that we are trying to make it as special and memorable as can be.

Anyways, keeping with tradition 'round these parts, we did a little 5 year photoshoot for Rosie in our backyard (since we can't go anywhere else. haha!) and I let her pick her own outfit out...mostly. Haha. I gave her options and this is what she picked.  So YOLO. haha.

I told Mike this was my favorite photoshoot with Ro and I think you can see why -- she is just beaming! And she looks SO OLD! I still cannot believe she's FIVE!

We don't go to the doc for her 5 year checkup for another couple of weeks, so you'll just have to deal with some mom stats for now.  Lucky you!

  • Rosie weighs 49.5 pounds -- she is a solid chickadee!  She wears all size 6 and some 6/7 clothes.  I hope she's in that size for a bit because she can hopefully get some good use out of all of her clothes! haha!
  • Rosie is (I think??!!) about 43 inches tall.  I know she's tall enough for the 42" slide at the indoor pool and to go on some of the big coasters at Six Flags!  So I'm guessing she's a smidgen taller than that.  I'd say she average height for her age.
  • Still has all of her teeth!  She had a dream the other night that her bottom teeth fell out so methinks she's going to be losing one sooner than later. Maybe.  Haha.  We'll see.
  • Wears a size 12 shoe, which is only about a size or two smaller than Patrick wears!  Girlfriend has got some big feet!!
  • SUPER independent.  Like fiercely independent.  She loves playing by herself and making up stories and games with herself.  She will absolutely play with her siblings and friends...but honestly is just as happy playing solo.  We saw this a lot with soccer in the fall -- she much preferred to do her own thing.
  • LOOOOOVES dance class.  That is her favorite night of the week and I think it goes well with her independent side -- she gets to 100% be in control of just her.  Not sure if team sports will be in her future or not but girlfriend sure loves to dance!
  • Is in her final year of preschool (and heck may be done -- don't know if they'll go back this year!) and she very much loves school and her teachers SO MUCH.  They echo the sentiment about how independent she is and while it's a great quality we are trying to encourage her to be okay with speaking up and playing with others too. 
  • Loves Frozen, Barbies, LOLs -- basically any and all little toys.  She is a hoarder and totally has to hang on to and keep every tiny little thing, piece of paper, scrap of confetti she finds...and her room echoes it.  And as cluttered and disastrous as it is, she knows where every little thing is (which is quite impressive). 
  • iPad obsessed.  Just like all of my kids.  HAHAHA! But she is obsessed with her iPad and watching her shows, playing the 'learning games' (as she calls them), taking pictures -- basically everything and seems to be a complete whiz with them.
  • Loves to color and play with play-doh.  She's a very good drawer and loves to draw people and rainbow and all of her favorite little creatures she loves.
  • Loves her siblings -- like SO MUCH.  Maybe Teddy the most -- she is constantly asking to hold him and snuggle up on him.  She does love switching between who she is partnering with (Annie or Patrick) to then gang up on the remaining big that's fun.  They do mostly get along and love playing with each other which is great.
  • Whining never stops.  For some reason lately she's reverted back to what seems like a 2 year old and whines at every.little.thing.  And is sooooo dramatic about it with her ear-piercing whines.  I try and remind her she's going to be in kindergarten so soon and this is not how 5 year old kindergartners act...and that seems to help a bit in the moment.  But man, the one thing I could do without with her.  Praying she grows out of it soooooon.
  • Absolutely adores princesses (still!) -- she loves playing dress up with her princess dresses and loves watching any of the Disney princess movies and is just obsessed with all things princess.
  • Still loves flamingos, unicorns and mermaids so MUCH.  If anything is related to those you'll win her over.  She loves them and loves when her clothes have any of those characters on them.
  • Favorite food is pizza lunchables.  She could eat these for every meal  Ugh.  We try and limit her to having them just once or twice a week which she seems to be okay with.  She did ask for lasagna and not a pizza lunchable for her birthday dinner so I'll consider that a win.
  • Still a great sleeper!  Goes to bed and wakes up seamlessly.  Recently dropped her afternoon nap and it actually makes bedtime so much easier because come 8pm she just passes out.  Yahoo. 
  • Loves adventures with family -- has zero problem sleeping over at anyone's house, going on weeklong trips with her KiKi, spending the day at NeeNee's...she loves it all (and hoping we can get back to this soon once all of these quarantine restrictions are lifted!).
  • Tons of nicknames still: Roey, Ro Ro, Robot, Rosie girl, Ro Boat. 

Welp friends, that's all I've got for our big girl Ro at FIVE YEARS OLD!  I truly cannot believe she is FIVE!  Where or where does the time go?!  Rosie, we are so lucky to have you in our lives and family -- I cannot imagine what life would be without you!  Keep doin' you, Rosie girl, don't let anyone change you!  We love you so much girlfriend!!

And if you'd like a walk down memory lane, or to see what Patrick was like at 5, check out the links below!!

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