Teddy's Blue Eyes

This is a post that has been sitting in my draft folder for a long time and I finally decided to finish writing it and hit publish.

Teddy's blue eyes.


They are just so dreamy and one of my most favorite features of our little guy.

I pulled a few of my favorite pics of him showing them off...and I love how they vary in the light he's in and go from a deep ocean blue to a bright sky blue.

Even in videos when Teddy is giggling his head off, you can still see those pretty blue eyes shimmering!

And each and every time I'm gazing into Teddy's sweet little eyes, I'm reminded of our sweet Clark.  I wonder if his eyes would have looked like Teddy's, or if they would have been brown like his big siblings.  But I think they'd have been blue...because blue was very much Clark's color.  I always used (and still use!) a blue ๐Ÿ’™heart when talking about Clark...and I swear it's the same color blue as Teddy's eyes.  We came back from our Hawaiian vacation last year with Teddy on board -- a vacation just Mike and I took to celebrate our little guy, and there was SO MUCH BLUE there too.  So much of Clark was felt in the waters and beaches in our most favorite place in the entire world, and then we came back and just a few weeks later we got to see Teddy's heartbeat for the first time.

I am always looking for signs of our little Clark, and seem to seem them all over -- rainbows, light orbs, streaks of light -- and now, I have one daily every time I look at Teddy.  Teddy's blue eyes, the same blues of Clark's heart ๐Ÿ’™ and same blues of the deep oceans in Hawaii are such a reminder of big brother in his little rainbow baby brother.  And that makes me smile.  I know Clark is with us always, but getting these little signs -- just like the ones with Teddy's eyes -- are what really drives home how much he really is with us every minute of every single day.

We love you so much little buddy and miss you to the moon and back...and back again.  Thanks for sending us the most perfect little signs -- like Teddy's ocean blue eyes -- so that we can see a little bit of you with us every single day.

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