Anna & Dorothy

Last night after dinner I noticed the sun was in the most perfect, golden hour state...and it had been a few days since I grabbed my camera, so I told the girls to meet me in their room and to pick out their favorite dress up dress to wear!

Annie picked Dorothy (complete with her basket with Toto in it!) and Rosie picked Anna from Frozen!  Off we went outside for literally 7 minutes to capture these pics.

I am sooooo obsessed with the colors of these and how they turned out in such a short time! GAH!  Just so perfect.  I'll have to grab all of the kiddos once it warms up a tad bit more to get some of my favorite golden hour snaps with them too.

Here's a little behind the scenes video for ya as well...

I took a video but also snapped a few iPhone snaps too...because I wanted to show that you don't need a big, professional camera to capture great pics of your kids!

Top pic is with my iPhone, bottom pic with my big camera...and both were edited with my outdoor preset too!  And man, they both are such great captures!  I'm not trying to shoot my own business down right now, but since I can't be out there snapping, I'm trying to show people that they can take their own great pics with their phones during this time!  Just takes some practice and a bit of post processing editing!  Below shows the original iPhone snap up top, and edited one below!

Anyways, we're all looking for creative outlets during this time (or at least I am to keep my little small business relevant and operational as much as I can!) and I cannot love enough my iPhone course and presets I've put out to help people transform their phone captures!

So that's my little impromptu photo shoot and some iPhone tippies for ya on this Wednesday morning...which I had to look up what day of the week it was cause IT'S ALL A BLURRRRRRR.  Praying we are on the downswing sooner than later!

Take care friends...stay safe and healthy out there!

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