Easter in Quarantine

As has been the jam for the past FOUR weeks (good lord how has it only been that long!!!), we are celebrating another event in quarantine with just our family and no big parties or celebrations or outings out of the house.  And it sucks.  I get it, I understand the reason for it, but dammit I DO NOT LIKE IT.

I will say the silver lining is the kids have really been pretty darn good with everything and all of the cancellations of events and parties and what not...which has actually helped out.  They're 'older' but definitely not old enough to really understand what's going on and such and I am very thankful for that.

Okay! So Easter!  YAY!  I decided to whip up some French toast casserole for breakfast (it's been ages since I last made this!) and it was SO GOOD.  Man, it was so tasty.  We let the kiddos dive into their baskets before breakfast (soon after Mike had gotten home from work and popped the casserole in the oven) and they were in heaven!

They all got new bunny ears and then a host of other little goodies (that I think the Easter bunny picked up from our fave Sweet Be's!) and they were just in HEAVEN!  My favorite Easter treat has to have been their own Clark bears.

The Easter bunny had 4 bears made from Clark's swaddle and sewed in his heartbeat inside each.  They LOVED them and played with them all afternoon!  Teddy loves snuggling his and chewing on the ear!  HAHA! I am so glad they have these now and don't have to fight over the one we had prior.

After Easter baskets we had a quick hunt in the basement (lots of quarters were hidden in the eggs! And it went so fast I didn't take any pics or videos! oops!!) and then did a quick photo shoot before wishing Mike a good night (or day?!) sleep!

I don't know which one of those pics are my favorite!  Annie's got some gems of facial expressions again! HAHA!

Teddy was being a little ham in his Easter Swanky Shank shirt and ears (that he didn't even notice were on! Probably won't get away with that next year! haha!) and the big kids couldn't get enough of him!  Patrick then asked for my camera to snap a few of Ted...

...and I think he got some great ones AGAIN!

Gosh he's so good. I love when he captures his little feet in the pics of Teddy too!  Just the cutest!

Rosie was hanging around too so I had to get a few pics of her and I swear she's aged like 10 years!  WHY DOES SHE LOOK SO OLD?!?!

Mike then went to sleep and the kiddos spent the morning playing with their new toys and books.  The girls really loved these scratcher books from the Easter Bunny!

All in all, despite the COVID-19 state of our world, we had a great Easter and the kiddos had a wonderful day.  We usually are running around like crazy on these days and it was nice to not have to do that and to just chill and hang.  Although we're good on the home time for now so we'd love to get back out to things ASAP too ;-)

Anyways, hope everyone had a great Easter and are staying healthy and safe!!

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