Quarantine Diaries - Photo Dump

We've been doing a whole lotta nothing lately.

We are so bored.

Grateful we're healthy, but dammit. We miss doing things. SO MUCH.  And I am so so so hopeful next month brings some of those back to us...especially for me and my career.  I miss taking pictures SO MUCH!!

With that said, I've been trying to get my big camera out as much as I can to snap pics of the kiddos and such during our days in quarantine. 

Now it's infinitely easier to just use my iPhone...but I've been challenging myself to really try and use my big camera as much as I can.

So, lucky you!  You've got a gigantically massive photo dump comin' your way today!  So exciting, isn't it?!

First up, Rosie's new Scooter!  We had a traumatic accident with her trusty Scooter she's had for 3 years last weekend so I splurged and got her a Micro Kickboard one and I think she's pretty jazzed about it.

And then since I had my camera out, the rest of the fam benefited from some snaps...including maybe my new favorite pics of Mike and Ted.

Gosh.  So darn cute.  Also so ready to ditch the hats and coats soon too. IT SHOULD BE WARMER THAN THIS!

One night last week it was warm enough to have some ice cream outside...so that we did!

And then Ted and Mike got some snaps too -- no ice cream for either of them (yet. haha!). ALSO! Ted was not amused by bubbles.at.all.

Definitely wasn't feeling the bubbles this night. haha!

The past couple of days it's been cold and wet (UGH!) so we've been inside.  Ted's new rainbow onesie from these guys came and duh. We had to get some snaps with it!

Probably too many snaps. OHHH WELLLLLL YOLO.  He's so darn chunky and adorable!

Then naturally we took some mirror selfies too and Ted was super interested in the buttons on my camera.

And that, my friends, is it.  I think I'm all caught up with you on my big camera quarantine snaps.  There WILL be more to come, oh I promise.  But hopefully SOON (I'm hoping and praying their mid-may predictions are right!) things will start loosening and I'll get to be back out there snapping! Oh how tightly my fingers are crossed for that!

Stay safe and healthy out there my friends!

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