1SE: August 2021

Gosh what a busy month it's been. This is my first post in August (YIKESSSSS!!) and maybe I'll get motivated tonight to whip out another one or two or ten...but ha! Until then (those might end up being September posts!) I'm leaving you with busy busy one second everyday in August! WOOT!

We are officially 2/3 of the way done with 2021 (HOW THO?!) and to be honest I feel like I'm still processing 2020. HA!

But it was a busy busy month indeed wrapping up summer and starting school!  Which, I am SO GLAD is back in session and full days, full time for everyone! I look back at posts from a year ago and still have no clue how we managed virtual school for 2+ months. Gah. Hope we are never back there.

Anyways, I've got 243 days of 2021 for ya too for #mooneycaptionless365 as well, since I've got ya here.

Onto September we gooooooo! Bring on fall and some cooler weather please :) 

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