World Breastfeeding Week 2021

Delayed post here, as August is almost over...buttttt I wanted to share anways!

The first week of August was World Breastfeeding Week, and a few weeks prior Ted and I got together with one of my photog buddies to capture our breastfeeding journey...because at 20 months (and now almost 22!) Ted was still going strong on the boob juice!

I had zero ZERO intention of nursing him much past one...but COVID hit and, welp, even if it's a teeny tiny bit of antibodies passing through the milk, it's something and until he gets his vaccine and is still interested in nursing, we'll keep doing it. 

He only nurses a few times a day, usually when he gets up in the morning and before bed, but I know it's his little comfort thing and I don't mind it, so we'll keep going!

Stephanie Cotta Photography absolutely killed these pics - and there are SO MANY MORE I could share but I'm gonna spare you and just share my favorites.

I'm sure we'll be long done by the next World Breastfeeding Week, so this was a special one to commemorate as it will probably be our last. Nurse on mamas! 

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