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Have I told you how talented my 7th graders are?!  Seriously, they continue to amaze me.  They definitely are a lively and loud bunch, but boy, can they sure come up with some creative ideas for the projects they produce!

So recently we have been looking at the Age of instead of having them just answer some guiding questions about the time period, I had them use a Web 2.0 tool called xtranormal to create a cartoon movie about the Age of Exploration.  Let me just say, the kiddos LOVED this activity...they got so into it!  I bet they didn't even realize when we watched their classmates videos they were hearing the same content OVER AND OVER again.  I'm so sly :)

Anyways, here's a few of their xtranormal videos they whipped up.  Super impressive for 13 year olds, eh?!  I definitely think so!

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