Dog Club!!

First off, I know I just copied this post from my other blog, but it was too cool and too good not to re-post and share with all of you!  Enjoy!

This month's MRHMS Dog Club was a huge success!  On this club day, we welcomed 9 furry friends, 6 APA employees/volunteers, 3 teachers, 11 students, and one amazing learning opportunity about jobs involving animals!

We learned so much this day...especially in regards to different careers you can have with animals.  The MRHMS students listened intently about the different jobs, and asked some really awesome questions!  All this was happening while surrounded by 9 furry friends in one room.

The students got to play a game where they try and guess what animal job it is when hearing a description and looking at one of their peers dressed up in a costume.  I had no idea there were so many jobs involving animals!  I know the students learned a lot from this about different careers and job opportunities there are with animals--and for people with all types of education backgrounds.

 We also got to take the pooches on a nice long walk around MRH.  The students got to show off what they've learned so far in Dog Club this school year about the proper way and technique to walk a dog.  They did such an awesome job!

All in all, it was a great Dog Club day!  A big HUGE thanks to our friends at the APA for coming out and bringing a bunch of furry friends for us to meet!  We had a blast!

Check out this awesome video of our Dog Club!

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