Mr. Snuggles

First off, let me apologize for the lack of posts this past month...wowza, it sure has been a busy one!  Taking 9 grad school hours PLUS full time teaching wears a gal out.  So, without me harking too much on how busy I've been, I'll stop now and continue with my intended post :)

Most of you who know me know my pup Scooter is the center of my world...and most know I tend to call him by his nickname "Mr. Snuggles" more than his actual name.  Anyways, as I was looking back through my posts, I realized I have never done a tribute post to Scooter and my favorite pictures of him!  AHHHH! I couldn't believe it!

So since it's the holidays, I felt like I'd give you a little treat with sharing some of my favorite photos of my beloved pooch.  Enjoy! :)

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