The Botanical Garden

Ahhhhh, sweet summertime.  I can officially say, even with a few more weeks of summer ahead of us, that Patrick and I are having an amazing summer.  We are getting to do so much!  --And I absolutely love it!

This week, we hit up the Botanical Garden, which is free before noon for St. Louis City and County residents on Wednesdays.  Score!  I love going on adventures and outings, I love them even more when they're free!  This wasn't our first time going; we had gone a few weeks before--I just (shockingly) didn't blog about it!

Our good friends Ann and Emma invited us to go, so we moved Patrick's carseat and stroller into their SUV, and headed to the Garden!  Emma is almost exactly 6 months older than Patrick, and it so cute seeing her and him interact!  I sure hope they grow up being really good buddies.   This time, unlike our first time going, we remembered to bring a change of clothes so a certain someone could play in the fountains and not have to sit in wet clothes the rest of the day.

So Patrick sported this amazing "Waves, Shades, and Babes" outfit for the die.  I die.  So.darn.cute.

Did I mention the weather was ah-mazing?!!  Like 75 degrees, no humidity, and would have been too chilly to go to the pool amazing?!  Cause it was.  Gosh, this kind of weather in mid-July in STL (which we've had like 5 straight days of!!) is unheard of.  I'll take it.  It made for a lovely morning at the Garden!

After checking out the colored "bubbles" on the water thing and feeding the Koi and ducks (which Patrick just squatted there and watched me feed them), we headed over to the main attraction, the fountain.

I was a wittle bit skeptical that Patrick would get anywhere close to the water--like I said, it was a bit chilly, and I thought for sure he'd chicken out and just look.  Yup.  I was wrong.  HE LOVED IT.

It was so cute how he kept touching the water, and then trying to eat it.  Adorbs.

And Emma was very mother hen-esque in that she was trying to hold Patrick's hand and then whenever he'd fall immediately run over to help him up.  It was so darn cute.

We did manage a post fountain pic of the two of them, and I about melted: Emma's arm around Patrick?!  So cute.  And miraculously he let her put it there long enough for me to snap a pic.

After a quick clothes change, we headed out to meet the heat for lunch...I say this because Emma's dad is a US Marshal and obviously Patrick's is a cop!  This was one of those rare occasions that both dads were working during the day AND could meet us for lunch!  Score!  It was great getting to catch up with them before they had to hustle back to work.

All in all it was a fantastic day at the Botanical Garden and we just love spending time with our friends Ann and Emma!  Gosh, summer, please don't end!  We love you and are having a blast with you! :)

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