Patrick & Rosie's First Day of School 2019

I know I usually do separate posts for the kiddos on their first day...but they both started the same day this year (August 15th!!) and, welp, call me lazy but both Patrick and Ro are getting one post! HAHA!  Annie starts in a few weeks so she'll get a solo one :) Lucky duck.

Officially a preschooler (last year!) and first grader.  WHERE OH WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!?!

They both were SO EXCITED (Annie too, since she thought she was going to school today too. haha!) when they got up to get dressed in the outfits they picked out, take a few obligatory pics for mom, and have donuts for breakfast that dad brought home before darting off to school.

Mike walked Patrick (with Annie) to school for his first day drop-off and I took Rosie.  Both were SO EXCITED to be back at it (they truly love school...hope that NEVER EVER changes!!) and mom here was quite excited to get back into the routine of school things.

I needed to do some last year vs. this year here are some gems and I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW FREAKING BIG THEY ARE GETTING!  They both look so much older this year!

Both Patrick and Rosie had a wonderful first day of many new changes but so many awesome stories from them too.  It truly was a great day and I cannot wait for Annie to have her first day in a few weeks too!  Gahhh!! My babies are growing up so fast!!

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