Big News!

Soooooo, I've got some big news to share with you all!  I have officially resigned from my current job at MRH, effective the end of the school year, because I have accepted a new teaching position at Ursuline Academy!  I am so excited to finally share this will all of you!  As much as I love teaching social studies and middle school students, I am ecstatic to be moving to the high school grade level and teaching where my true passion lies: technology.

Ever since I became a Google Certified Teacher (April 2012) and then got my masters in technology back in May of 2012, I've really felt like that is where my true calling is.  Don't get me wrong, I love teaching social studies, but I love teaching technology even more.  I find myself spending hours reading tech blogs, catching up on the latest tech integration pieces on twitter, and leaping at the chance to present at technology conferences (remember my "tech nerd" post from a while back?!!).  Technology is my calling--I love teaching students how to use technology to showcase their learning about a topic, and I love sharing ideas with teachers in how they can integrate technology into their classroom.  When I saw this job posting, it was like it was speaking to me!  I just knew this was my calling and what I was meant to do: focus on technology with both students and teachers.  I am sooooo happy and thankful that Ursuline felt the same way too!

I officially begin my new job this August--all of my posts on my teaching blog will now be tech-centered around my new school and position.  I am sooooo excited to join the staff of this amazing school that loves technology as much as me and that fits my faith.  Ever since having Patrick I've really become a crazy-family-centered-lady: my family is my priority, and I love that I'll be working at a place that harbors that same sentiment!  And we are soooooo excited that it just so happens that our church is a grade-school feeder parish into Ursuline!  The Big Man does work in mysterious ways :) ...when one door closes, and bigger and better one opens!

Anyways, I am excited that I can share this news with you all!  I am soooo excited about this new opportunity and all that I'll teach and learn in this new position.  EEEEKKKKK!  Technology teacher: my dream job!

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