Patrick's First Easter

I am a little bit sad writing this blog post, because we have officially experienced EVERY "first" holiday/occasion/event of Patrick's (minus his first birthday party, which, is in 12 short days! waaaaa!!!).  I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and how today, Easter, was Patrick's last "first" _____ holiday.  Time for #2 I guess! haha!

Anyways, so today was the PERFECT day.  I mean, it was 75 degrees, no humidity, and just a few little wispy clouds in the sky.  Absolutely, positively, the most perfect day.  And for all of you who don't live in STL, these are rare--they are far and few between, because it seems that once we have a day like this it either then gets super humid or a crazy storm comes (which is suppose to happen tomorrow. greattttt.).  So the weather was gorgeous, and Mike didn't have to go into work until 3pm, so we could do some family Easter stuff before he went to work.

We woke up this morning and excitedly (me) swooped Patrick up and planted him in front of his Easter basket to see what that big bunny brought him.  I think for his first Easter he didn't pretty good!  He got some Bible story board books, a new Hoho and bitty Hoho, some bubbles and sidewalk chalk, some Dr. Seuss board books, and a stuffed bunny.  I think he did pretty well.  He really loved the bubbles--just the container though.  He was adamant about chewing the top off of that.  We didn't get to blow any bubbles today, but I'm sure we will soon.  He'll flip over those--he loves things in the air. 

Scooter did pretty well with his Easter too!  Thanks to his Beggin' buddies he got some new treats, some awesome bunny ears (if you follow him on instagram you've seen that he's been promoting the #bunnybegginselfie all month--he's really enjoyed that), and a dog toy that looks just like him.  Of course, I've had a lot of fun taking his bunny ears selfies all month too--even Patrick has gotten in on them recently.  

After looking at what the Easter Bunny brought, we started the day going to the annual car show in Forest Park.  Now, me, I could care less about old cars.  Yes, they look cool, yes, some are worth more than my annual salary, but no, I don't care what kind of engine they have or if they have the original interior work.  Not my cup'o'tea.  Give me a tech convention with all the new gadgets then YES, I am drooling over every single booth.  However, Mike LOVES car shows--like a whole lot.  This guy spends HOURS watching YouTube videos and reading Wikipedia articles about engines and upkeep and maintenance for all types of different cars.  He absolutely loves them.  So, since this car show happens once a year, we decided to head down there with Patrick and my dad since it was such a nice day and was before we had to be at my parents for brunch. 

Again, let me state that the weather was GORGEOUS.  Since we had to park pretty far away, we had to walk by the Jewel Box.  Wow, we couldn't have asked for a prettier setting for some impromptu pictures!  These were actually snapped with my iPhone--cause I didn't anticipate we'd be going by anywhere but the car show lot--so I could kick myself for not bring my bigger camera.  Oh well, I think these turned out great!  The tulips were so pretty and then the sky and Jewel Box just made for such awesome pictures.

After the car show (again, not my cup of tea--I enjoyed the people watching though), we headed to my mom and dad's for brunch with my mom's side of the family.  This was so great to be able to catch up with all of my aunts and uncles and cousins--and Patrick enjoyed having some intense playtime with all of his (as I was informed they are) "first cousins once removed".  Sadly I didn't snap any pics there (gasp! can you believe that?!!)--I guess we were just too engrossed in conversation.

We then headed home around 2pm cause Mike had to get ready for work and little man needed a nap.  Patrick fell asleep almost instantly, and after Mike left for work I laid on the couch to watch the end of the Cardinals' game and maybe finish Insurgent and OMG--this has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE: I fell asleep.  Like totally, unplanned, just fell asleep on the couch.  Now, of course I've taken naps before, but I have never taken an unplanned nap.  I have always had to plan my naps; meaning, I'd have to decide "okay, I think I might fall asleep" so I'd preemptively take out my contacts and get my glasses so I could still see the tv but if I fell asleep I wouldn't with my contacts in (which suckedddd trying to take out after you slept in them. no me gusta).  Well, not today: today there was no thinking involved, just total impromptu relaxation and an unexpected hour and a half nap.  'Twas glorious, and amazing, and refreshing, and OMG, I think I may do it again.  PRK eye fix: I love you soooo much.  You are the best thing I've ever bought.

Once both Patrick and I awoke from our glorious afternoon siestas, we headed over to the Mooneys for some Easter dinner (which Patrick ate, I didn't since I was so stuffed still from pigging out at my parents' house) and family time outside.  Gosh, again, it was so pretty out!  Patrick loved playing with the volleyball in the dirt and grass--he is 100% boy.  He loved seeing his uncles Brian and Danny who were in town for the weekend, and getting to see his great aunt Janet and uncle Joe, and his "first cousin once removed" Charlie (Katrina, we missed you!!).  Unfortunately Lizzy, Matt, and Katie weren't still there when we got there, so we missed seeing them and snapping some cousin Easter pics :( oh well, there will be other holidays!

All in all it was a great Easter and great weekend (including TWO photo shoots for me on Saturday!)!  The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Mike was off all weekend...oh well, 'tis the life of a cop's family!

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