Weekend Shenanigans

What a weekend!  And first, let me just get it out of the way: PATRICK WILL BE ONE IN FIVE DAYS. OMG.  I cannot believe that...and how fast this year has gone.  Alas, I will not clog up this post talking about that (even though I totally could and would), because later this week I'm sure I'll post all about his first birthday, his monthly update post/pics, and all about his Muppet-themed first birthday party this coming weekend.

Okay, so back on track: we had a great weekend.  It was jam-packed but super duper fun.  Each and every day Patrick seems like he's discovering more and more things and/or able to do more and more things and it's so exciting to watch him grow and learn--and of course document all of it too :)  Late last week (okay, not technically "this weekend", but close enough) we had an impromptu photo shoot in the front yard with Scooter and Patrick...and Scooter's buddy Braxton who'd been staying with us while his mama was out of town.  Patrick KILLS ME with cuteness with his little beret hat and plaid shorts.  This outfit makes me squeal over his adorableness--which I'm totally biased about, I know, but still, how darn cute is a little boy wearing this?!!  (and I totally took (and edited a wittle bit) these pics with my iPhone. 'tis a good camera it has)

This was the first weekend in what feels like forever I didn't have a photo shoot scheduled!  Well, I did, but it got moved until next week...either way, I was Pics & Paws free all weekend!  I love taking pictures, but boy, I love spending time with my boys!

Saturday was super fun--Patrick woke up and sported his new (and my now-favorite!) shirt with our favorite (original) Muppet Show sketch: Mahna Mahna.  We proceeded to show Patrick the YouTube video too after he woofed down his breakfast.

We then got to have a yummy lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Lion's Choice (which Patrick totally loved the roast beef, bun, and fries...not so much the swiss cheese though...that is the ONLY food he has ever spit out of his mouth!).

Then, while the little dude napped, I finally put up ALL of my Wizard of Oz stuff I collected when I was little (like 4 years old little!) that my mom kept for me all these years.  We have an extra china cabinet in our basement that was just housing wine glasses, and I thought I could find another place for the vino glasses and make that a display case for (most of) my Wizard of Oz memorabilia.  I am really happy with how it turned out.

Of course when Patrick woke up from his nap in only his dipe smiling and giggling away, I went and grabbed my camera and snapped some adorable pics of my little man.  Gosh, he melts my heart with that smile!  He will indeed get anything he wants out of me!

We then took Scoots on a walk in the wagon--this was our first ever walk in the wagon that Patrick got from his Gammie and Gramps for Christmas, and, despite both of their game-faces, I think both boys enjoyed traveling around our neighborhood in their new ride

I got an early Mother's Day gift from my boys too: a new (top) band for my ring finger!  It matches my wedding band and I absolutely love it.  It came on Saturday and since I'm impatient (and Mike gave me the go-ahead) I put it on.  I just love it!  He did tell me that I won't have anything to open on Mother's Day, and I said if he gets me a box of donuts that'll be more than enough to make me happy :)

Mike and I had a rare baby-free night on Saturday (Patrick got to have a sleepover at his grandparents) when we went out and celebrated our friend Rachael's birthday.  Rachael and Patrick actually share a birthday, so that's fun--and convenient that we'll never forget it!  It was so nice to get to have some kid-free time to ourselves; although, I'm sure I spent most of the night talking about him and his birthday plans.  And before we went out it was super great to be able to catch up with my buddy Chelsea too!  Gosh, I wish she lived closer!

Today we spent a good part of the day at church (in the cry room, since Mr. Wiggles can't sit still nor stay quiet) and then celebrating our good friend Courtney and Andy's baby boy James' baptism (I snapped his newborn pics a few months ago).

church cry room selfie of my lovely sister-in-law and niece!

I offered to snap some baptism pics for the Moffats of baby James and his big day.  I'm super happy with how they turned out!  It was such a special day and I'm so grateful and thankful that we got to be included in on it.  It makes me so happy that Patrick will be growing up with all of our friends' kids--and hopefully be just as good of buddies as we are!

When we got home from the baptism (and Patrick crashed hardddddd because he was like 2 hours late for his nap!) my friend Tiff text me a pic of her cloth diaper stash shot (cause it was just Earth Day :) and I thought, "Yep.  I totally need to do a stash shot too!"  So I went ahead and snapped one too...and boy, do we have a LOT of fluff!  I love it though...and know it has been used a ton now, and will get used with future babies too.  Also, remember my cloth diaper lovin' post from a couple months ago?  Well, big update coming soon: we are getting rid of our diaper service and going to wash our own dipes ourselves! GASP!!! ...more on that fun later (since we still have a few weeks of our pre-paid service left :)

And I'll leave you on this fine Sunday with a hodge podge of recent pics that I felt I needed to share.  Enjoy...and have a fantastic week!

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