Another Snowy Weekend

First off, let me get this out: STL weather: what's the deal with the snow ON THE WEEKENDS this year?!!  COME ON!!  This gal wants a snow day!  Sheesh!  Every.single.time. it has snowed this year has been on the weekend, thus resulting in no missed days of school.  Arghhh.  Oh well.

With that said, even though it has snowed on the weekends, we've been lucky enough to catch some playtime in the snow (luckily when dad's home cause this 8+ month pregnant lady is no good at chasing little boys around in her rather large state), and I of course whipped my camera out to capture it on {digital} film.

Overnight it snowed several inches (maybe 5??? I'm no good as estimating), and Patrick had had a sleepover at grandma and gramps' house since we had a shin dig to attend last night.  Well, when we went to pick him up this morning instead of just grabbing him and going (our usual M-O), we brought his snow gear and he had a jolly old time frolicking in the snow with his Gramps and dad.

I, of course, stayed off to the sideline and played spectator/camera person (as usual).  I can't get enough of these pics and how happy our little guy is out in the snow!!!  He even loved when Gramps was pelting snowballs at him AND when he got a mouth full of snow.  He just amazes me.

First off, Patrick sent this oh-so-appropriate meme/PSA to his aunt Kate, who flocked to Florida (and soireed us with "it's hot here!" beach pics this morning) without him.  He's so creative :)

Anyways, enjoy this monster photo dump of snowy Sunday pictures...and say a prayer that maybe, just maybe, the weather gods will smile on us and give us a snow day (unlikely) tomorrow!! :)

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