Spring Break! (take 1)

Disclaimer: I titled this post "take 1" because I have a feeling I'll do another spring break post sometime later this week with more antics documenting and what not...cause that's how I roll.  Impatient and anxious to blog before the week's over.

So yay!  This is my spring break!  I get an entire week off and get to spend it with my little man (minus a few trips to grandma's for him so I can hit up doc appointments, photoshoots, and massages).  First off, holy worn out am I at the end of the day!  Patrick is a little wild beast with unlimited energy, it seems like, and whoaaaa.  I'm sure if I wasn't 9 months pregnant I could keep up better, but sheesh, this kid is wearing me out!  Luckily he's sleeping great (as I type this at 9am he's still snoozing. WIN) and eating like a hog, so that's a plus.

Anyways, the down side of this spring break is that Mike's out of town until Thursday night.  Boo hiss.  Our dad's gone faces:

Even if he was in town, he'd have had to work this week, but we'd have at least gotten to hang with him till he went in at 3pm.  Gahh.  So that's been a bit of a challenge too, doing it all solo without any other parental help in the mornings.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?!!  Haha.  But I'm looking at the positive in that I get a TON of 1:1 time with Patrick that I wouldn't have gotten if Mike was here.

This past weekend we went on a family walk (albeit a very wet one, thanks to a ton of rain at the end of last week) and Patrick was being his usual ham self for the camera and demanding to walk Scooter.  So naturally I brought my big camera and snapped some pics along our walk.  We ended up at the park, and Patrick got to play for about an hour before we had to head home for lunch and naps.

OYYYY VEYYY.  Drama llama.  Patrick does not like leaving the park (I don’t blame him, what 22 month old does?!!) and screamed and cried our entire.walk.home.  I’m sure some of the houses we passed probably thought we were kidnapping him.  Nope, he’s ours.  But boy, he sure was pissed.  I told Mike next time we need to bring the stroller so we can strap him in at least and get back home faster.  He tends to melt down less when he’s being pushed on his throne.

Mike had to go into work that night, but we were able to meet him in the city at one of our favorite restaurants Quincy Street Bistro and that was great to be able to eat with him and have some impromptu family time before he headed out for the week.  It's so hard to make lunch or dinner plans with him when he's working--they always have to be sporadic and last minute, because we never know if he'll be on a call or be able to break away for a meal...so when we're able to meet him it's all that much better.

It's been way warmer in STL this past week (praise the good Lord!!) so we've had a lot of outdoorsy time.  In the evenings it's been especially nice because we've been able to catch some wicked awesome sunsets...

As well as go for some evening walks...although I have 3 lazy boys on my hands (we're watching Scooter's BFF Braxton this week) who all prefer to be chauffeured around rather than walk.

We spent Monday morning of spring break at the Zoo--with EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON. in St. Louis.  HOLY CROWDED.  We got there at 9:02 and had to wait 20 minutes to even get in the parking lot to park, then waited another 15 minutes in line to buy train tickets!  Crowds are NOT MY THING.  At all.  

But I persevered, since we were with our friends Ann and Emma, and we were able to ride the train (Patrick loved it, so did I -- helloooooooo 20 minutes of sitting down!) and see a few animals before we decided it was wayyyyy to crowded for our pregnant selves (Ann is 30 weeks pregnant as well) to be chasing around our little ones and battling the enormous crowds everywhere...so we bounced.  Plus, I had a OB appointment in a few hours that I needed to dump Patrick at my mom's to get to.

 Patrick's new "I {thumbs up} vaccines!" shirt came in the mail and OMG.  I'm in love.  I documented a while back why we vaccinate, and I saw this shirt online and just had to get it for him.  I don't think he "loves" vaccines (I mean, what kid LIKES to get a shot?!!  No one.), but he "thumbs ups" them (aka approves me...or shoot, his parents do at least!) so this shirt is fitting.  Anyways, I really love it.

I posted this pic on Facebook and Instagram yesterday, cause this perfectly sums up our spring break thus far.  Caged chaos!  And, to be fair, I did not do this to them.  I was in the other room and I heard the cage door rattling and then giggling: somehow Patrick got Scooter AND Braxton to come in the cage and shut the door.  I found them like this.  Patrick brought his book in too--I guess he wanted to read it to them.  I was dying laughing.

So yeah, that's about all for our first part of our spring break!  I'm sure I'll do another post later this week with the rest of our antics and shenanigans we get into.  I have a prenatal massage in about an hour and I cannot wait for it...like I've been excited for this day for a month--ever since I booked my appointment.  Anyways, have a great rest of your Tuesday...oh, and happy St. Patrick's Day!  I'll leave you with this adorable (reusing pics again!  Sorry!) pic of Scooter and his pot of gold from last year.

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