Rosie at 1 Month

Seriously.  How has it been a month already?!!! I cannot believe it--I thought time flew by past with Patrick, and now, with 2 little pickles, it is flying by even faster.  Kenny Chesney is right: Don't Blink.

So Miss Rosie is ONE MONTH OLD!  I've actually been taking weekly pics (#GrowRosieMGrow on Instagram) so it's been fun documenting her weekly growth on the couch...& then doing her monthly onesie stickers as well.  Which, if you remember from my monthly pics with Patrick, I did two different locations for those--um, no way Jose, not doing that this go'round.  She'll have her weekly AND monthly pics on our new couch.  I don't have to fuss with two locations, backdrop blankets, or anything.  Trying to keep it easy peasy this go'round.

We have her (& Patrick's 2 year) check-ups tomorrow morning, so I'm sure there'll be another fun little post about that as well.  BUT!  Fear not! I have a fun little post here NOW for you all about Rosie at one month old.  Try and contain your excitement.

  • Rosie weighs 11lbs and 14oz.  I have no idea how long she is--we'll see at her appointment mañana.  She is wearing mostly 3-6 month or 6 month clothes, depending on the brand.  She has very much chunked up since she was born.
  • Rosie sleeps 4-5ish hours at a time at night.  She is a great sleeper and seems to be content most of the time putting herself to sleep after she's eaten.  Lately she's been going down about 8:30 or 9, waking up around 1:30-2am to eat, then back to sleep till about 5:30-6am to eat again, then sleeping till about 9am when she's "up" (for a bit till her morning nap).
  • Rosie sleeps in a Pack and Play next to our bed.  She was not a fan of the Rock and Play sleeper like her brother was, so likes to sleep on a flat surface.  She does not like to be swaddled and likes to have her limbs free to flail around at night.
  • Unlike her brother, she is very much a cuddler and likes to snuggle (and fall asleep) on anyone.  She doesn't hate her carseat, but would totally rather be out of it and snuggling with someone (again, so unlike her brother!).  She also is a big fan of her mama's milk and the boob--she'll take a bottle, but definitely prefers to get it directly from the source (again, unlike her brother who was totally indifferent to where his food was coming from).
  • She has yet to really smile--minus those gassy little smirks here and there--so I'm sure that is coming soon...and hopefully I'll be armed with my camera
  • Rosie is a grunter!  I remember Patrick being a moany little guy, well, his sister grunts like no one else.  Actually, some of her grunts remind me of the velociraptors from Jurassic Park.  We've learned to tune these out--that she's not actually "awake" or upset, but just grunting...and sometimes pushing a poop out.
  • She has bright blue eyes and dark brown hair.  I'm really hoping the blue eyes stick--they are such a pretty color and start contrast to her brother's dark brown eyeballs.
I'll end with a little comparison pics of her "Brand New" pic and her one month pic side by side.  

Wow.  She really has grown SO MUCH!  As much as I hate how fast it's going, I am so excited to have a little girl and watch her grow up and do all of the fun mommy-daughter stuff I got to do with my mom!  I can't wait.

Okay, okay, twist my's Patrick at one month and Rosie.  SOME similarities, but more differences I think!  Patrick was 12lbs 13oz at a month and Rosie is a pound less than that at 11lbs 14oz (BUT! she was 1.5 lbs lighter at birth, so it looks like she's gaining faster than he was, right?!  I'm not good at math).

Anyways, that's all I've got for Miss Rosie at 1 month old.  Until two months (which hopefully doesn't come as fast as 1 month did!), adios! 

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