Mike had to work on New Years Eve and day (as his jam every.single.year. it seems), so it was just me and the kiddos (and my aunt Kate and Matt, Katie, and Lizzy for a bit) hanging out.  It seemed that the cool thing to do at 30 years old (aka all my friends) is to stay home, put your kids to bed early, then cook a delicious meal for you and your significant other.

Mike and I drooled over everyone's NYE food pics on Facebook and Instagram, so we decided we'd do our own NYE meal a few days late when he was off instead!

I went to the store early Saturday morning and got us some steaks (t-bone for Mike that was really a porterhouse but was mislabled #winning, and a NY strip for me), snow crab legs, salad, and potatoes.  I found a video online about crockpot baked potatoes, so I decided to do that (I simply turned the crockpot on high, took 2 potatoes, stabbed them with forks, coated them in olive oil and salt and wrapped them in foil and put them in there for 4.5 hours).  Everything else would take us only about 15 minutes to prep and prepare, so we waited until 8:15pm (torture! I was so hungry!!) to start cooking after both kiddos were in bed.

I used my new selfie stick to snap a pic of us before dinner before we chowed down.  It was super hard to snap this next pic too cause by 8:30pm I was a ravenous angry woman and wanted nothing more than to tear into my food as soon as possibleeeee.

It was hands-down one of the best dinners I have ever had.  The crab legs were SOOOOOOO delicious as was the steak.  It was so nice having a nice at home dinner with just Mikey and me and being able to chat and have an actual conversation without our lovely kids interrupting us :)

I told Mike we need to try and do this every few months--have a nice sit-down dinner at home with ourselves or treat ourselves and do a date night to dinner without any kids.  It's soooooo good for our marriage and relationship, so that's one of our New Years resolutions is to do at least 1 date night (at home or out) every other month or so.  And yes, we'd love to do it more often, but with Mike's schedule and what not, that makes it for us, every couple of months will have to do!

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