Impromptu Photo Shoot

I thought I'd repost a post I just published on my photog blog over here to, cause, #adorablepicsofPatrick.  Yeah, sorry not sorry.

It's been a bit of a lull here at Pics & Paws Photography, seeing that it is winter and cold and icky out (however!  I do have some mini session slots still available for early/mid April if you'd like to sign up here for them)...however, it got into the 50s today, so when I got home from school I scooped up my camera, tossed Rosie on my back in the Tula, and headed out to our lovely backyard for an impromptu photo session with my 2 favorite boys.

Anyways, I wanted to shared some of my favorite snaps from our little impromptu shoot over here on my photog blog to show everyone that 1. I'm still alive 2. I'm still snappin' 3. I cannot wait for more warm days like this to snap some more--especially of you all! :)

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