Mooney Black and White 366

HOLY COW!  This is my first post for 2016!  I can't believe I haven't bloggity blogged since my 2015 year in review post!  I guess I've been busy?!!  Hardly.  Well, kind of...the kiddos have been keeping me busy, and the past few days during nap time when I usually blog I've been spending it doing school stuff and prepping for projects and that kind of jazz for the new school year which officially starts back up next Monday.

Anyways, I wanted to officially blog my 366 day challenge (it's a leap year yo!) for 2016: one black and white pic taken and posted to instagram each and every day.  I'm using the #MooneyBlackandWhite366 hashtag to catalog my snaps, if you care to follow along.  I've started year-long IG projects in the past, but have never made it more than a few months.  They.are.hard.  And what's the hardest, for me, is picking JUST ONE picture that day to add to my year project.  I hate waiting until the end of the day to post a pic for my year project, because 1. chances are I'll forget 2. then I feel like I'm never posting when things happen (what I like about Instagram is that it's usually current happening posts when I post them) and I don't like that.  However, it's hard for me to take a pic, make it black and white, and then use it as that day's pic right away...cause, what if I take another pic later in the day that's better and would have looked awesomer for the day's 366 snap?!  GAH.  That's my OCD talking right there.

SO!  I'm challenging myself to snap pics and post them just as I usually do, but whatever one throughout the day I post as my black and white is PERFECT, even if another "better" black and white snap happens later that day.  Too bad, because I already used the PERFECT ONE for that day's pic.  Does this sound crazy and irrational to you?!  Cause as I type it it does to me...but whatever.  That really is my OCD speaking.  This project is going to be good for me because it's going to challenge that OCD that each day's 366 snap DOES NOT HAVE TO BE the most perfect black and white picture that day; it merely is a snapshot of us Mooneys' lives in the here and now, when I post it, in black and white.

I chose to do black and white because these kind of snaps are quickly becoming my favorite snaps.  I don't know what it is about them, but some pictures that I take in color are okay, but when I edit them in my favorite iPhone editing apps (VSCO, Snapseed, Lightroom, or PicTapGo!) in black and white something changes and WOW.  They just pop and stand out.  When I do photoshoots with my big camera the black and white pics are really my favorites nowadays.  It must be the old, vintage-y look or something, but I just am loving black and white lately.  So, with this said, I decided to do my 366 project in black and white.  I'm hoping to do a really need collage print thingy with them and get it blown up or canvased a year from now...stay tuned!  I really hope I can keep up this challenge!

I am only 3 days in, and already loving the variety of snaps I've taken.  They feel so raw and unposed (another challenge I'm going for--trying to just capture 'in the moment' raw images for this instead of posed ones) and I am just loving it.  I'm sure a lot of them are gonna be snaps of my kiddos, but not necessarily all of them I bet...just going to see what inspires me in that day's moment to snap a black and white pic.

Wow, this turned into a super-lengthy post (and wasn't suppose to be!  Just pluggin' my new Instagram project!).  Anyways, follow along with my on Instagram (or click this link here if you're not on IG and want to see my daily black and white snaps) as I hopefully tackle this project AND conquer it in 2016!  I guess you can say this is one of my New Years Resolutions: take oodles of black and white snaps of raw, unposed, real-life happenings with the Mooney clan.  Stay tuned for updates friends! :)

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