Have you heard about the Instagram Husband?  No?!  Check this out...and watch this:

I mean, I was DYING watching this video.  I by no means have an instagram husband (although sometimes I wish I did cause I am hardly in ANY pictures besides selfies...and the ones I'm in I have to basically ask a zillion times how nice it'd be to have someone take a picture WITH ME in it) but can totally relate because *some* of these staged photos because I am so guilty of them -- especially when I need a certain pic a certain way (heck, aren't we all guilty of that?!! haha).

Anyways, Patrick is obsessed with cameras (he has a kids VTECH one he got for Christmas) and ALWAYS asks to use mine (if you remember from a month or so ago he had a field day here with one of my cameras!).  Last night was no exception -- I was snappin' a few pics of Annie...

...and he asked if he could use my camera!

So I let him ^^^ and he went completely snap happy!  I mean, that trigger on my mark iv is SUPER sensitive so if you barely touch it it goes crazy...but still, kid loves to take pics!

He then asked to take a few pics of Annie and myself and...OMG.  For every 20 blurry ones there was one amazing one!  I set it to manual and set the correct settings for him (but let it autofocus) and let him snap away.

I am LOVING what he got.  He kept snapping when I was just kissing and talking to Annie and I LOVE that he didn't just wait for us to look at the camera and smile.  Whether that was intentional or not (I'm going to pretend it totally was and he's a master of candid pics) I don't know but gosh I love these pics.

My FAVORITE one he took was this one...

It might be my new favorite pic of Annie and I.  I just LOVE it so much!

Obviously I did the editing on these, but editing just gives a little bit extra to the snap -- you actually have to capture something first before you can edit it!

The top is the original pic he snapped and the bottom is my edit.  Not too far off from Patrick's original I think :)

Anyways, so I think I totally have an #instagramson now -- forget Mike, I'll get Patrick to take adorable candid pics of me from now on!  Haha!  I actually document any pics he's taken on instagram using #snapbyPatrick for any pics he's taken, and I hope I get to add oodles and oodles more in the years to come!

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