Summer is SO CLOSE I Can Taste It!

Seriously, summer is SO CLOSE.  Just a few more days this week, a couple days of meetings next week, and then BOOM!  Summer vacayyyyy!  I cannot wait.  2 months more home with my burritos before school starts back up at the beginning of August.  Trying not to think about that just yet (although next year I start a new role (in addition to my current one!) as yearbook moderator so I’m excited about that!).  Anyways, I am so excited and I can taste it!

I should start off with saying that I felt semi crappy over the weekend with a sore throat and some tightness in my chest.  I thought it was a sinus infection cause I’ve had a billion of those over the years but those usually settle in my head and this one was more in my chest.  I decided to give my doc a call on Monday and she was able to squeeze me in and BAM.  Sinus infection plus strep throat!  CRAZY!  It’s the end of May!  That is totally a winter sickness (in my book) -- but she loaded me up with some high dose antibiotics so I stayed home from work today to let them kick in and I’ll finish my last dose tomorrow morning so I’ll be good to go back to work.  Patrick was a little ham when he came with me to my doc appointment too.  He’s such a gem bringing places now :)

On Sunday I had this photoshoot and then we had my brother and sister in law’s gender reveal!  I told you a while back that they are expecting their first, and then we got to find out with them what they were having!  (See their blog post from my photog blog here if you’re so interested)

Erin and Curtis’ niece Emma (Curtis’ sister’s kiddo) is about a year and a half younger than Patrick and looooooved playing with him.  He loved snapping pictures of her and then showing her his handiwork on the back of his camera which was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

So if you watched the video you saw that they are having a GIRL!  EEEKKKK!  So exciting!  I totally thought boy (and I’m ALWAYS wrong so I should have known) so I am thrilled that it’s a little girl!  There’ll now be 4 Mooney girl grandkids and 3 boys come November! SO MUCH FUN.

I’d been seeing this in some of my groups and people were raving about it and I decided to get it for Annie seeing as we never use the Bumbo (probably cause her legs barely fit in it) and OMG.  I love it so much.  As does she.

Cleary she really loves it and is happy as a little cucumber in her new seat.  Patrick apparently loves her in it too and couldn’t get enough of her the other night while she was sitting in it...which that was probably the cutest thing ever.  And I took wayyyyy too many pics.  Sorry.  Not really.

Here's two more for you too since I already bombarded you with a ton.  You're welcome.

When I got home with Patrick from my doc appointment Mike was mowing the lawn and Patrick couldn’t run out there fast enough to ‘help.’ He is obsessed with helping Mike (and me too for that matter) at any and all things lately and I just love it so.  He is the sweetest most helpful little guy and I’m thankful every day I get to be his mama and watch him grow!

Just a few random snaps from the past few days...the kids having a blast at the pool (just a few more days until the outdoor one opens! YAYYYY!), Rosie showing off her new Lularoe camera dress my friend Elegan got for her, Ro running through the candy aisle at Walgreens like a mad woman, Annie looking adorable in her new June & January anchors outfit, Annie eyeballin' Mike's giant burger, and the girls messing around before bedtime.  Gosh I love these kiddos.  Life is never dull with them!

So having multiple kids (and kids of the same gender) makes it oh-so-fun to match them in cute little outfits!  Wait till you see the 4th of July outfits (June & January, what else?!) I have cooked up too!  Anyways, I'm obsessed with finding matching outfits for the girls and then taking a ridiculous amount of pictures to memorialize the occasion.  I appreciate that Patrick lets me dress him in matching outfits to his sisters as well.  Seriously, so cute.  I need to remember all of this when in several years when they're older and making me want to pull my hair out that there were lots and lots of good times despite the crazy.

I'll conclude this almost summer post with a few snaps of Rosie looking adorable in this sundress...I need one in my size cause it is so damn cute.  Anyways, happy Tuesday friends...have a good one!

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