That Golden Hour and Other Fine Things

Soooooo I'm officially back to work.  Ugh.  It's actually been okay (and busy!) but it's always SO HARD to come back and leave the routine I built with my babies the past 3 months.  Hopefully these next few weeks will fly by and I'll get to relax and enjoy my summer before sinking into another depression in August about going back again.  Ugh.  If only I could do my job (which I love!) from my home full time!

On Monday I officially "went back" to work but not at school; I photographed our school's golf tournament and because of that I didn't have to go in until later so I got to spend the morning with my babies for one last time!

The older kids were REALLY good about waking Annie up (insert eye roll) and I think she echoed my sentiment about being awoken before she was ready to get up.

We then broke out one of Patrick's birthday games -- Pie Face -- and omg, did he have a blast!

He and Mike played (and I took videos) and it was the cutest thing ever.  I think he loves eating the whipped cream the most and has asked to play this game about 4000 times since Monday.  He must really love it!

After the golf tourney on Monday I got home and decided to take the kiddos to a new park and to get out of the house and let Mike sleep!  We went to one of my favorite snappin' locations, Longview Farm Park, because I have always noticed when I go there what a cool playground setup they have and I know the kiddos would love it.

^^^ Their faces when I told them we were going to a new park!  They were a tad bit excited :)

They had an absolute BLAST at the park (Patrick even snapped a pic of me and the girls!) and begged to go back again soon when we had to leave for dinner.  I really love this park and even though it's a good 15 minutes away, I think we'll go back because they had so much fun and I loved the setup!

I also snapped this ^^^ gem of all 3 of them and it's totally my new favorite pic of the 3!  Too bad Annie is wearing her typical RB face...I'm sure she'll start smiling on command SOON!

So Tuesday was my first officially day back AT school and it went well...and Mike greeted me with this ^^^ selfie he took while he was at the park with the little ladies (still crazy to say that -- I still am in disbelief we have TWO girls! eekkk!!).  My students were great (and honestly elbow deep in their final project so I don't even think they cared that I was back!!) and everyone else that realized I was back greeted me accordingly...and with oodles of help requests.  Haha!

I will say as much as I do pump, I don't enjoy it...especially at work.  In the mornings and evenings when I pump at home it's definitely not relaxing but I do it when everyone is in bed and I can just browse my phone.  When I'm at school I always have five million things going on and to take a 20 minute get-setup-pump-clean-parts-put-everything-away break is blahhhhh and soooo time consuming.  I tried my first day back to just pump once and that didn't go well -- my boobs were literally hurting so bad I was having chest pains and then I was leaking everywhere, so I decided I'll have to pump twice now at school which is such a drag.

This is my setup...I use our tech storage closet to pump.  It is FREEZING in there (which is crazy cause everywhere else in the old school building is always too hot) and just icky.  I can't pump in my office because I share a wall (like it's cut opened!) with the other tech guy.  Soooo, storage closet it is.  I did find a nifty little portable drying rack on Amazon for my pump parts, so yay for that.  But overall blahhhh for pumping.  I'm hoping when I come back in August I'll only have to pump once a day.  Fingers crossed.

Oh, and this is how I store my milk in my classroom...this little portable fridge is just PERFECT for that!  Pumping friends: take note!

Yesterday was May 9th and apparently on this day I like to take Patrick to the doc's office for checkups!  Yesterday was his 4 year checkup and he rocked it.

He's clearly a big happy and healthy dude!  And we went ahead and got his 5 year vaccines at his 4 year checkup because he did so well with getting a flu shot back in the fall that we figured since he was big enough for them now we'd go ahead and do it (cause, yay vaccines and getting him protected!).  He didn't flinch at all, no tears, and was so excited to show off his 3 bandaids at school to his friends!  What a tough dude he is!

Just Patrick being silly at the doctor's office.  I cannot believe he's FOUR and that next year at this time we'll be getting him ready for kindergarten!  Time goes SO FAST, doesn't it?!

Annie turned 14 weeks old on May 9th too and I literally stand by the fact that these have been the 14 fastest weeks of my life.  I cannot believe how fast it's gone!  Annie is no longer a cute itty bitty baby but growing fast and furiously growing out of her 0/6 month clothes! WAHHHHH!!

Her cute little June & January outfit is 0/6 and I don't think she'll be fitting in it much longer -- girlfriend is about 14.5 pounds (a peanut compared to the other two!) but still a good size and is rapidly growing out of clothes and into bigger ones!  Time really is a thief this week.

I snapped a few pics during that gorgeousssss golden hour time on Sunday night (after my marathon weekend of photoshoots...which I have 12 mini sessions this weekend which I'm sure will be super exhausting! haha!) after we had dinner at Mike's parents house.

And then, last night when we got home from dinner around 7pm the lighting was just PERFECT again and I took my trusty assistant Patrick (and Scoots and Annie too, Rosie was at NeeNee's for a sleepover) out for a couple quick snaps.

These all were taken on the path by our house and our neighbor's yard that is next to ours.  I did a moody edit with them and I am looooooving how they turned out!  I obviously love the bright vibrant edit I do a lot, but have been having fun playing around with more darker and moody ones.

Welp, that's all I've got for you today!  I'm surviving being back at work (and taking advantage of my early morning wake-ups now with a pump session and blogging, you're welcome for that!) and hoping these weeks fly by so I can get back to being with my babes!

Have a great one friends!  And happy hump day!

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