Here, There, and Everywhere

Okay.  2 half days of meetings next week and then HELLLLLLOOOO sweet summertime!  Nevermind my summer school {online} class is starting Monday, but hey, focusing on the actual BEING THERE at school part that will be done until August! WOOT!  I cannot wait!

So my mom text me this pic on Wednesday -- apparently Rosie 'kissed the concrete' running up to the park on Wednesday and OUCHIES.  Yes, she screamed and was not a happy camper but took it like a champ and hasn't let her boo boo on her nose stop her from going 110% like she always does.

It's definitely getting better quickly and I'm sure by Wednesday next week it'll be good as gone.  I'm sure this won't be the last injury she (or heck, any of the kids sustain) but I hope there's a long time in between the next injury.

Today was day 147 of my #mooneymatte365 project and I've only missed one day (Patrick's birthday!! GAH! I thought I had posted my matte pic that day and actually didn't! woops! so I quickly posted 2 the following day) and I'm loving the different snaps I'm getting!  This project is definitely a favorite and I am going to keep doing it in years to come, God willing.

Kate got this awesome certificate for Patrick from the Missouri Department of Conservation for his first fish catch and my picture opportunity of him with it post-siesta was not a good idea.  He was in no mood for pics or celebrating his cool certificate...but!  Nonetheless I snapped a crying pic and boom.  This is what we have to go along with his first fish catch.

Earlier this week we went to Happy Joe's and met cousin Cole and he had a blast holding Annie!  He's going to be a big brother in the fall (to a new sister!) and loves getting some snuggle time with Annie.  And we love seeing Cole and going to Happy Joe's so it worked out for everyone! Haha!

We hit up the pool on Friday -- probably the last time for a while we'll hit up the INSIDE pool now that the outdoor pool is open!  The kids I don't think care what pool we go to as long as there is water and they can swim in it.

So Annie will be 4 months old on Wednesday and I tossed a side-by-side of Rosie at the same age together and they both are the happiest little ladies at 4 months old, aren't they?!  Rosie is about 4+ pounds bigger than Annie at 4 months but yet they both have double chins and rolls for daysssss on their legs.  Gosh I love these girlies so much.

I had to work last week (booooo) but it made for the early mornings and late afternoons even sweeter with these kiddos!  They have been soooooo good with me back at work after having been off for 3 months, which is a relief because our schedule is super crazy with me working and all of them home with Mike working nights.  Anyways, I'm very much looking forward to spending 2 months with them before school resumes for all (minus Annie!) in August.

This morning Mike took Patrick to Paw Patrol Live downtown.  We got him these tickets back in September for a birthday present and he was up at the crack of dawn this morning because he was so excited for the show!

He had SO MUCH FUN at the show -- I've watched him dancing in this video about 100 times!  Mike said it was awful and torturous but totally worth it to see Patrick so excited and having a blast (along with the bajillion other kids there too).  I want to take him to see Wicked whenever it comes back to STL.  He loves the Wizard of Oz so I know he'll love Wicked too!!

While Patrick and Mike were at Paw Patrol Live the girls and I just hung out -- hitting up Target and lots of smiles before nap time.  They are the best little lady companions for errands and I'm so happy they were mostly in good moods today for our trip to the store.

Lastly I'll end with these snaps that Patrick and I took this afternoon.  He keeps begging me to use my "big camera" and under close supervision of course I let him do it!  He is getting really good and I'm trying to work on little things with him every time with play with the cameras.  He really loves taking pics and I'm hoping this love won't ever fade -- well documented lives are my favorite :)

Anyways, that's all I've got here!  Have a great rest of your Memorial Day weekend friends!

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