4th of July Festivities

Ahhh, what a fun 4th of July we had!  It was a wittle than last year's (when I was oh-so-sick preggo with Annie and not in the mood to really do anything) but so much fun and oodles of family time WITH MIKE included!

Since Mike was wrapping up his vacation, he didn't have to work until 11pm on the 4th, so he got to spend all day with us (and didn't have to sleep!) -- we were SO EXCITED.

Monday night after we put Annie to bed we decided to do some more time exposures with sparklers and see what we could spell out.  Obviously we were in the patriotic mood.

The big kids spent a few extra days at Kate's lake and came back around lunchtime on the 4th...they had to go to their own parade that morning at the lake and Kate sent this video of them singing Happy Birthday America in the morning and I was DYING.  Cutest.thing.ever.  And I'm not biased or anything ;-)

Scoots greeted the 4th of July with his very own fireworks post and I think everyone enjoyed his American antics once again.  Ahhh, Scoots, you will forever be known as the world's most cooperative dog in my book.

Annie turned 22 whole weeks old on the 4th of July so for her #52weeksofJandJ she went patriotic and festive in her red, white and blue.

I also tossed her in the same onesie Rosie wore for her 1st 4th of July 2 years ago for some side-by-side comparison snaps (I LIVE for those!) and gosh I love those two little girlies so much!

Mike and I then took Annie and Scoots for a parade around our neighborhood, which Scooter was clearly the one who was most excited for it :) Robyn and I got a snap with our littlest babes, which is funny cause 2 years ago we were in this same spot posing for a picture and we each only had 2 kids then and now BAM!  We each have 3!  How fun is that?!

Once we got home we got cleaned up (so hot outside!) it wasn't long afterwards the big kids got home from the lake -- and Patrick couldn't wait to show off his new flag and wear the festive headband I found for him.

Which, side note, it was Patrick's FIFTH 4th of July and I can't believe how fast that went.  I am still in denial that I have a 4 year old and it's crazy to me he's already had FIVE of these holidays!  Time sure is flying by.

EVERYONE, myself included, fell asleep for an afternoon siesta -- Patrick fell asleep WITH his headgear on which was hilarious.  Rosie just sat there and stared at him with that on his head when we were trying to wake him up.  Once everyone got up and moving, we got the kids dressed in their matching outfits and headed over to the Mooneys for a 4th of July BBQ.

It is NO EASY TASK getting everyone to look at the camera and smile.  Not kidding, I took about 50 pics just to get this one...

That was halfway decent with everyone looking and kind of smiling.  Seriously.  So hard.

We did manage to get a halfway decent family snap too so it was a successful picture day all around for this Mooney flock.

The big kids had a blast running around the Mooneys yard with their uncles and eating popsicles after dinner before we had to leave to head up to see the fireworks.  Patrick and Rosie are inseparable lately and it's the cutest little thing to watch their friendship and bond grow deeper and deeper.

We then loaded the double stroller up and the kiddos and headed up to the park to stake-out or spot for fireworks!

Okay, so this video (second one) is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.  Rosie shaking her little booty to the music is freaking hysterical.  I've watched it at least a hundred times and it makes me giggle.  I posted it on Facebook and Instagram and it seems like others think it's pretty darn funny too.  Oh Rosie, you do you sister, as you've always done.

Patrick and Rosie literally ran around and danced to the music for 2 hours before fireworks and were overall very well-behaved for it being so close to bedtime and kinda hot out.  Gold stars for them.

Annie was up about 3+ hours past her bedtime on the 4th and she shockingly was SO GOOD.  Giggled and played with grandma and papa with a few nursing breaks in between.

The fireworks finally started around 9:15pm and it was a great show as always.  All of the kids, Annie included, were mesmerized and loved watching them.  I'm so glad none of them are freaked out with fireworks and do enjoy seeing them -- this holiday is one of my favorites!

Patrick asked grandma if he could sleep over and she said yes so he went home with them and Mike and I hauled it to our car we had parked close to the park then to home so I could get the girls in bed and he could go to work (boo).  I finally got Annie down about 10:30pm after a bath and snack and Rosie shortly afterwards...and I passed out not too long after they did!  What a day!

I had a newborn session this morning and the big kids went to see a movie for NeeNee Wednesday and Annie I think was still tired from our busy day yesterday that she fell asleep while chillin' on me while I was editing!  That NEVER happens!

All in all we had a wonderful 4th of July with our family.  What a wonderful holiday this is and oh how I love our country and celebrating all of its awesomeness on July 4th.  I'll end this post with a lovely comparison pic of all 3 kiddos on their first 4th!  Patrick at 2 months, Rosie at 3 months, and Annie at 5 months!  Have a great one friends!

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