Pools and Papers

Okay, it's been freaking HOT here in STL this week.  Like 100+ temps and so humid and icky.  The only place I'm game to go outside is the pool...and I think everyone else agrees.

We spent a couple days last week at the pool and it felt sooooo nice in the heat.

Annie girl hung out in the shade with her fan and I think she liked it...it definitely kept her cool...so much so she passed out!  We weren't outside more than an hour and she really was cool with her fan, otherwise I'd have had her submerged in the pool too.

We did try and hit up the last 'dogs with the cops' day on Friday but we only stayed maybe 20 minutes before we waved our white flag and went home.  It was just too hot and the playground even was scorching and no one could play on it!  So home to the AC we went.  However the past several of these we went to this summer were much cooler -- and the kids even made it into the paper!  Check it out here.

Speaking of the newspaper, a while back I submitted a pic for a photo contest and we won an honorable mention!  WOOT!

Patrick was clearly thrilled to be in the media again (first the parks and rec guide, now this!) and I obviously love seeming my boys in print!  I need to enter them into more contests!  (you can see the entire article here).

One of my favorite places to get shirts for both me and the kiddos is Hello Apparel -- and when I saw they had these gems of shirts, I HAD to get them.  Truer words have never been spoken: I am SO tired all the time and Patrick (and the rest of the kids) are NEVER tired!  HAHA!  I wear it with pride: I'm proud to be tired because I'm a happy and busy mama of 3!

My #MooneyMatte365 game is going strong!  Today was day 204 (WHAT!!?!) and this is a snap of the kiddos playing from Saturday.  Cannot believe we're on the downhill slope of 2017.  NUTS.

I have to keep reminding myself that it's good to get IN FRONT of the camera every now and again...so here's a recent snap with me in the pic instead of behind it.  You're welcome :)

So we LOVE MOD pizza, kids and all...and I can't resist sharing some snaps with you.

I captured a gem the other morning with all of my burritos and I love it SO MUCH.  Annie's face is cracking me up.

No point to these pics but just some photo dumps of the kiddos looking adorable :) And Scooter being oh-so-cooperative as always.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this gigantic photo dump of Rosie in her new Wizard of Oz dress she's been BEGGING to wear all weekend so I caved and let her wear it tonight!  Annie has a matching one that I'm sure matching sissy pics will be coming soon!  EEKKK!

Anyways, hope you've enjoyed this little ramblin' photo dumpin' post :) Have a great week friends!  STAY COOL!

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