Cousin Jammies: 2018 Edition

First off, here's 2017's post for ya on this very same topic!

Tonight was a very special night...Mooney cuzzie Christmas jammy pics! 

I'm not gonna lie...these get harder and harder to do the more mobile the 2017 kiddos are!  Patrick, Rosie, and Lizzy were just wonderful and cooperative...but the little kids were not having the pictures! HA!

BUT, I think we ended up getting a winner!  No tears, most of them looking and no one is crawling away! YAYYYYY!

And we got a gem with the grandparents too...

So I'd totalllllllly call this a win for 2018 Christmas cousin jammy pictures, right?!?!

And here's a 10 second clip of the picture chaos.  HA!  Never fails it's always such a team effort to get everyone situated! HA!

And, for good measure, here's 2013 - 2018 for ya...

I'm curious to see what 2019's will look like.  Ro was holding Clark Bear to make sure we had him in our 2018 snap...but we'll see if any new Mooney cousins are added in 2019.

Oh!!!  And before we left tonight I had my big three kiddos + Clark Bear sit in front of our tree (cause I do love the ones we took last week but my OCD is going crazy and is like UM THEY NEED MATCHING JAMMIES.  And Clark Bear needs to be in there too!!) for a few sibling snappies too.

Okay more than a few but they (read: Annie) was being cooperative (thank you sucker) and I just kept snap-snap-snappppping away!

Alrighty, that's all I've got on this jolly-ol-subject.  I'm sure I'll have a post tomorrow alllllll about our Santa 2k18 visit...stay tuned for that!

Have a great week friends!

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