1SE: July 2020

Ahhhhh, another month of the miserable year 2020 down.  I remember back in December how excited I was for 2020 -- hoping for a continuation of the amazing year 2019 was and my oh my how that has changed.  2020 has sucked.  A lot.  And there's a lot of upcoming things that are going to suck even more ('virtually' starting school, no real kindergarten experience it seems for Rosie, etc...) and, well, I hate you 2020.  I hate you COVID and I hate everything you've done to so many.  Ugh.  I'll have another post on that maybe??? soon detailing some of my thoughts on this whole pandemic and the mental and emotionally toll it has taken on myself and my family. 

Anywayyyyyyyys, so July is done.  We are 7 months down into 2020 and I can only pray thing start to go up from here.  We were at home a lot (again!), but despite that, I think the kids would agree they had a fun month.  Thank goodness for warm weather and our pool! LIFESAVERS.

And with that, we're officially 213 days through 2020 (#leapyear!) and I have a funsie little collage for you for all of my #mooneygrateful366 snappies for ya too.

Alright August: let's see what you bring! Hoping and praying for some good things and a little mental and emotional break from the exhaustion and headaches 2020 has brought thus far. 

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