Tie-Dyein' the Summer Away

I feel like my creative juices really haven't been flowing too much this summer...which I guess is okay, as the kids seem happy and the pool has truly been our saving grace and continues to be the best purchase ever.

BUTTTTTTT, I got a creative itch last week and thought it would be fun to have the kiddos tie-dye their own shirts!  Teddy obviously can't be trusted with anything SO I did his for him, but yeah, fun activity to be had, right?!

Shockingly it went SUPER well and the kids had an absolute blast doing it! Teddy seemed to really enjoy his too when we showed him :) 

After letting the dye set and then washing them, the kids could not wait to wear them today!  So, duh, I had to get a few snappies of the kids wearing them!  So I just used my phone...

...but realized the setting looked super pretty so darted off inside to grab my big camera for a few more snaps!  

So glad I did, so obsessed with how these turned out!

It was a rainy morning then...but that didn't stop the big kids from playing in the rain in their new shirts...and soaking Teddy in his who was chillin' in the garage! haha! He then got some snugs in with his KiKi when she came to pick Patrick up (yep. off to his lake home he goes again!!).

We have some dye left so I'm sure we'll be doing some other things too...like the white kids' masks I ordered that are coming soon that we can tackle!  I'm hoping some more creative bugs bite me and have equally as great results with those activities as I did with the tie-dye...cause it's gonna be a longggggg school year at home I think. haha! Have a great one friends!  Happy {almost} August!!

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