Reunited and it Feels SO GOOD

Patrick has been at the lake for nearly 3.5 weeks! OMG!! But, in these pandemic-y times, what a better time for him to go down there.  No camps, no Boy Scouts, no baseball...he officially has zero plans and zero commitments this summer, so why not spend it at his vacation home?!?

He had a blast down there...but I think he missed his little sissies and brother SO MUCH because he about tackled them as soon as he saw them!  And I think the feeling is mutual; they were so excited to have their Papi back!

After my photoshoot this evening we had a very impromptu sesh in the backyard (and a few in front of Clark's tree too!) and oh boy oh boy! I am just so obsessed with our little shoot and how these snaps turned out!

These guys are officially reunited and it feels SO GOOD. We are so glad to have our Papi back!  A little Tuesday evening photo dumpy for ya -- didn't think you'd mind :) Have a good one friends, hope everyone is staying sane and safe out there!

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