1SE: May 2021

Ahhhh, another month has come and gone...we are officially headed full speed into summer!

And unlike last year where there was seemingly no end in sight with COVID and restrictions that were in place, this year we are singing such a different song with all restrictions seemingly lifted, mask mandates ending, and normalcy returning - especially for those of us who are vaccinated.  Golly I am just so excited for this summer and getting back to our old normal!

With that said, May was a good month indeed.  The kids wrapped up school IN PERSON and we have so many fun things planned for this summer on the horizon. I cannot wait!

Also, today is day 151 of 2021 (howwww??!?!) so here's a funsie little #mooneycaptionless365 update for ya.

Onto June we gooooooooo!!!

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