Together Again - Mother's Day 2021 Edition

For the first time in nearly 14 months, we had Mooney Sunday family dinner again last night...and on Mother’s Day to boot!

This felt SO SO SO good to do again.  It had been far too long and the kiddos missed their cousins and aunts and uncles and this Sunday night routine SO MUCH!  But man, it felt SO GOOD to be back!  Thank you science and thank you vaccines!!!

Obviously we had to take advantage of our time together and get an updated family photo!  My OCD is not happy that we missed 2020, but obviously it will be a conversation piece in the years to come why that one is missing.

And duh! I had to do a collage of all of our Mooney family pics!  It's been so so so fun to take these and watch this family of ours grow!

We had such a blast together and I am so looking forward to many more Sunday dinners to come now that we are all vaccinated!

Anddddd, with that said, we got to see our Pepin family crew, who have been in our little COVID bubble for the past year, for brunch on Mother's Day!

My brother Ben organized this brunch date for all of us at my parents' house and it was absolutely perfect.  Even KiKi came up for it! 

To end Mother's Day, I got a high-five from all 5 of my babies tonight 🥰 Mike snapped this pic and honestly it’s the best Mother’s Day gift I could have gotten ❤️ anytime we can get a pic with all of our babies in it is the absolute best thing ever. 🤍🤍🤍💙🤍

All in all, Mother's Day this year was so wonderful and just filled my heart so so so big. I hope you all had a wonderful one too!!

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