1SE: June 2021

Better late than never, right?! RIGHT.

Although we are a few days into July...here I am FINALLY sharing my 1SE uppy-date for June 2021! WOOT!

Every day that goes by feels like we are getting closer and closer back to normal.  And while I totally acknowledge that COVID (and all its variants) are still out there, the more vaccines that get into people's arms the less scary it becomes - and the less deadly it becomes too. This month of June looks so different than last year's, and I hope 2022's is back to our old normal and the year of COVID 2020 is a distant distant memory.

Anyways, June was a great month around here...

...and we are officially halfway through 2021! HOWWWW THOUGH!?? I seriously cannot believe it...but here we are, in July already and BAM.  I'm gonna blink and I'm sure school will be starting all of a sudden.

I just hope and pray we keep going in the right direction and more things are in a hurry back to our old normal as quick (and safely!) as we possibly can :)

Onto (the rest of!) July we goooooo!!

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