Sunset in the Sunflowers

Remember this photo of mine that went viral?!! Welp mama there is a photographer...and we worked out a little bit of a discount/tradesies for birth photos for her to then get sunflower photos for my family in the summer.

You see, Allison has her own private sunflower fields and doesn't have to worry about crowds or dodging mass amounts of people - it's just her, her clients, and the beautiful sunset. 

So early in July we headed out to her private sunflower field for some family snaps...and magic happened.

I snuck in some behind the scenes snaps...cause who doesn't love seeing those?!?!

But gah! It was the most perfect evening.  It was so hot and muddy and the kids were being their usual insane selves...but I love how you can't tell in these pictures how chaotic things actually were.

And how about this?! Check out that rainbow just above Clark Bear's leg!! OMGGGGGG!!!!! I was completely freaking out when I noticed that...and of course it was in one of my favorite family pictures. I absolutely know our little Clark was with us too for pictures. Had to stop by and give us so many little rainbow kisses!

And God bless Allison too - she got stung by a bee earlier in the day and had a horrible allergic reaction right at the end of our session and still somehow managed to create these magical snaps.

There are a WHOLLLLLLEEEEEE lot more that I didn't put if you'd like to see the whole album head on over here and you can check it out.

Gosh I love these SO SO SO much - I just can't stop looking at them!!!!

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