Slacking Slacker.

Guys. I have totally TOTALLY slacked on the blogging front.

Life has been nothing short of BUSY.

And I just looked today - my last post was way over a month ago. YIKESOLA.

SOOOOOO, gonna get caught up here (albeit out of chronological order. SUE ME!) and hopefully get things caught back up. So much has happened in the last month (and more!) that I really REALLY want and need to get bloggity blogged...sooooooo, here I go!

I thought what better way to segue into these posts is a little posty-post about the snaps I took tonight!

I had a very rare night off - and although it was oh-so-hot, it was truly the perfect golden hour evening to snap some pics of my babes altogether.

And I shared this on my photog page...and I want to share these words here too...

"I will never have a photo of all 5 of my babies together. Ever. And that sucks. It sucks so much. And while I would give literally anything to have Clark here with us, I know in reality that’s not possible…so I do everything in my power to make sure he is included in every family photo - every kid photo - I can. We had some magical light tonight…and I had a very rare evening off, so we had to seize the opportunity and get some updated (tbh I think it’s been almost a year since I last did a little mini shoot of my own minis!) kiddo pics! And we couldn’t forget our Clark Bear. Clark’s Molly Bear weighs exactly what he did at birth - 2 pounds 12 ounces - and is just the must fluffy, snuggliest little bear we could ask for to remind us of our sweet boy. So here’s to the best photo I could get of all 5 of my babies together…until we can hold him with us one day again. 💙"

I am SO incredibly biased but damn. Those are some adorable kiddos. And probably some of my most favorite mini Mooney snaps EVER.

Also!  Here's a few fun videos for ya....first one is kinda cool - all of my favorites on the swings!

And lastly, this fun little backwards video from the playground.

Okay friends, here we go for a whole lotta post dumps!! And really letting my OCD go that these are super out of order. HA!

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