Holy Hail Storm!!

As many of you probably saw on my Facebook page (or lived through yourselves!), there was a huge storm that moved through St. Louis yesterday. Lots of funnel clouds, thunder, lightning, and rain...but for south St. Louis city giant pieces of hail--as big as baseballs!--fell from the sky as well.

We probably should have been in the basement riding the storm out, but instead we were outside watching these ice missiles shoot down from the sky. All I kept thinking was "please don't let one of those ice bullets hit my windshield!" Luckily none did, but the rest of my car took a pretty good beating and now has dimples all over the hood and trunk compliments of the hail air raid. As much as I hate that part, I will admit it was pretty cool seeing hail that size fall. That'll probably be something I'll never see in my life again. I think the best part of this storm was that no one was hurt or killed, and none of the funnel clouds dropped a tornado. After everything that has happened in Joplin earlier this week, it was a really blessing to not have s repeat of that in STL last night.

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