t-minus one year...

Yes, 366 days to be exact (thanks to 2012 being a leap year) until our big day.

Did I mention it's also this little guy's birthday too?!

He's quite excited for us to get hitched on his birthday (and now I just have to figure out a way to get my little man to be a PART of the wedding...ideas?!!)

Here's me and my best buddy--and maid of honor--Lauren at her adorable niece's baptism last week.

Anyways, whew, one year until the big day.  I still am kind of in shock that I'm even engaged.  It still is so surreal to me to have a ring on my left hand!  Almost 2 months later and it still hasn't set in...and I don't know if ever will (okay, it will...eventually I'm sure...right?!!). 

Alright, so here's my beef: I know most people when doing the whole wedding planning get stressed and let it take over and CONSUME their every waking moment.  Let me just put it out there: this will most DEFINITELY TOTALLY NOT be happening to me.  First off, besides with food, I'm not picky...pretty much anything will appease me.  I don't care what the flower arrangements are ugly, if it rains, or if the food is cold (although I'd prefer none of that to happen...but if it does oh well!).  All I care about is that we have a good time and that everyone who celebrates our day with us enjoys themselves.  I've had a lot of friends get married recently, and they seem to constantly be worried about something going wrong, or always needing to do one more thing for wedding prep.  This is one thing I will NOT let happen to me.  I refuse to let this wedding and the planning and preparations for it get the best of me.  I refuse to let it stress me out or cause me anything but joy.  Every aspect--from the planning to the actual wedding--is going to be fun and enjoyable, or else I won't do it.  As much as I love my job, I deal with enough stress and headaches throughout the day caused by my lovely 13-year olds I will not stand for that to take over my life and wedding prep.

Therefore, with that said, any of you married peeps out there, feel free to shoot me any tips, recommendations, "must dos," etc... that helped make your wedding and planning of it stress-free and an enjoyable time.  Like I said, if it erks any of that, I won't do it.  All joy, happy, and fun only for this gal :)

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