Just some pics courtesy of my iPhone of what's been happening lately...enjoy!

sweet new 80s phone case for my iPhone 4

new bumper sticker Mike and I got for Scootie and Molly's (Scootie's new cousin...see below!) grandma Kathy

Mike's brother Matt, his wife Katie, and their adorable pooch Molly

Scootie posing for a pic with his adorable BFF Charlotte

Scooter is really French...betcha didn't know that

Mike and I just LOVE the Muppets! It's fun to see a giant billboard of Kermit on my way home every day

Yummmmmmm! This was a Sunday morning breakfast for Mike and I recently.

Family pic!

Testing out my new 360 panorama camera app in Mike's parent's backyard

Feeling artsy one morning with some dry erase window art...thanks to the awesome Instagram app for the effects!

Mike says I'm a nerd...but who's the one playing iPad monopoly while ALSO wearing a monopoly tshirt?!!

Wolf shirt Wednesdays are happening this year at MRH! :)

Scooter is a professional snuggler :)

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