My Boys

Wow.  So I've really slacked in the blog world lately.  I really don't know what to solely blame it on: the start of school, Mike's crazy work schedule lately, the late summer extreme heat that has graced us in STL late in August, or the fact that I've just felt tired and run down (thanks primarily to school starting!) the past couple weeks.  Oyyyy, it's probably a combo of all of those!

Anyways, so I thought I'd whip up a quick little post on here (while Patrick is napping away this fine {hotttttt} Sunday afternoon) with some recent happenings...most importantly, this:

I die.  Seriously.  I cannot handle this picture.  I have resisted the urge to get it blown up poster-sized on a canvas multiple times since I snapped it yesterday.  I don't know what it is about it: the light, the fact that they were so engrossed watching Mike cut the grass, or Patrick's need to give Scooter a hug ALL.THE.TIME. now, but I just love this picture.  And it's completely raw: I did not pose them like this.  Patrick was lookin' all cute in just his Chaplin cloth diaper watching Mike cut the grass, so I ran and got my big camera to snap a few pics (see below), and I was able to capture this one when Scooter decided to meander on over. 

I just can't handle it; it is so darn cute.  Definitely the new wallpaper on my iPhone and my new favorite pic of these 2.  I posted it on one of my cloth diaper FB groups and someone said it needed to be the cover of a cloth diaper magazine--ummmm, YES.  I couldn't agree more!

Patrick has recently become really attentive to Scooter--he cannot get enough of him.  The other day I caught him trying to hug (or bite! haha) Scooter in the kitchen.  I've watched this video like 100 times, and each time I die laughing (I'm biased, I know, I know...)'s just so darn funny.

Scooter also recently completed the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Now, I want to add a disclaimer here: it was not in fact ice water (but instead nice warm hose water) andddddd he got a bath immediately afterwards.  Yes, it looks like he gets pounded and drenched with water, but in fact it only lasted really about 4 seconds; I turned the slowmo on to capture it (for an added effect).  I got some pushback on my and Scooter's social media pages (I had to delete some not-so-nice comments even.  What the heck?!!) and I want to add that Scoots merely got doused with water, the exact same way we douse him when he gets a bath (and I'm sure how all dogs get wet when they get a bath!)--so I'm not sure why so many people attacked me for this "awful, oh poor dog!" video.  Anyways, I left it up, and Scooter did donate to his favorite charity, Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

Anyways, so besides being totally smitten with my two little boys and how cute they are interacting with each other, I've been keeping myself busy with school.  I absolutely love my new job, and love that I get to spend part of my day teaching students, and part of my day helping teachers--it's like this job was made for me!  If you follow my teaching blog, I am going to try and crank out a few blog posts some evening(s) this week about my new favorite teaching item: Google Classroom--so teacher friends, stay tuned to that!

Okay, well I'm cutting this blog post short right here because I think I hear Patrick squealing from his bedroom (aka time to pay him 110% of my attention!), so I'll end this post here.  Have a fantastic week friends!

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