Octopus Smartwatch


Patrick does too.

This Octopus Smartwatch by JOY is AWESOME.  Patrick has had a few watches before, but never one like this.

This one is designed to teach good habits, the concept of time, and (for us!) routine!  It is super duper easy to setup and use...there are handy instructions in the box as well, but we were able to figure it out rather quickly on our own!  It comes with a USB charger which plugs back into the backside of the watch and charges ridiculously fast.

We downloaded the app to my iPhone and then input some personal info and synced the watch with my phone.  Then, this was the coolest part: we could customize all of the 'scheduled items' on his watch!  I can actually do that either from the app on my phone or my computer, which is super nice.

What's super cool is we can set different 'schedules' for each day of the week, and right now since we're on 'summer time' we can set a schedule them come August modify it for school time!

There is one simple button on the phone and Patrick can push that to pull up the time, which he's getting better and better at about recognizing the numbers and corresponding that with the time of day it is outside.

Now this is the cool part: when it's time for an event (wake up, brush your teeth, get dressed, rest time, diiner, etc...) it sends an alert to Patrick's watch AND my phone!  So whenever it alerts him, it alerts me too.

Our first day using this we had to make some schedule modifications, but I actually loved doing this with him and teaching him that sometimes even though it may say it's time to do that on his watch, we may not actually be doing that thing (i.e. eating lunch) right then -- so as much as it's teaching him routine, schedule, and time, it's also teaching him to be flexible too which I love. 

He gets rewards (or points as he calls them!) for doing great and it makes it not just something to wear but something fun too!  You can customize the icons as well for the different events to add a bit of personalization too.

In the app you can really customize each event with the time and features -- so if you want your kid to have to 'validate' that they did that, you can turn that feature on so it'll keep alerting them until they've acknowledged it.  You can add notes too which will be even more helpful when Patrick can do more than just recognize letters but actually READ!!!

You can check out more about this amazing watch here and snag one for your kiddo there too!  It comes in blue (as Patrick has!) and red as well.

All in all, I really REALLY love this watch and cannot wait to see how Patrick does with it as the summer goes on and then school year comes around!  Heck, I think I may have to go get Rosie the red one since she seems super interested in Patrick's!  I just cannot say how much I love this -- anyone who knows me knows I'm alllllll about schedules and routine and this is just a perfect thing to help teach that to my kiddos!!

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