Swinging in June

Ahhhh, sweet summertime!  How we LOVE YOU SO!

So tonight after a delicious taco dinner we decided to play outside -- since my photoshoot got pushed back a few days cause it was suppose to storm, and it did, just not during my shoot time! oops!! But I'm glad we did cause it was soooo dark and gloomy and not that golden glow that I always love -- and what a great time we had!

We hadn't had many swinging nights lately cause of our trips and what not (and it being SOOO hot), so tonight was a welcomed treat!

Rosie and Annie couldn't get enough of each other on the swing tonight -- I WAS DYING over their little smoochie session! HAHA!  They are the cutest sissies!

So happy! So sad.  Oh Annie girl, you fit right in with the drama llamas in this family sweet girl.

Tonight I had a wittle bit of a photog injury.  While I was snappin' the kiddos on the swing I misjudged how close I was and got tooooooo close and the swing whacked my camera lens (which fortunately did no damage thanks to having the lens hood up) and then slammed my HEAVY camera into my nose.  There is a cut and I have had a splitting headache and eye pain all night (hoping that Tylenol starts to kick in!).  It's not dislocated or anything, but if it is broken or cracked they can't do anything for it other than ice and Tylenol (which I'm doing already!!) so I'll just have to deal.  So if you see in in the next few days with a swollen nose and black eyes (hopefully not!!), you'll know why!  JUST SHOWS YOU HOW DEDICATED I AM TO GETTING THE SHOT!

Annie took a few more teeny tiny steps tonight, but nothing consistent.  Girlfriend turns 17 months old on Saturday and has until next Monday to start walking otherwise turtle Rosie will officially have beaten her in the walking department!  Stay tuned my friends :) I'm sure she'll be walking in no time, but golly it feels like FOREVERRRR again with my little turtle children!! Haha!  You keep doin' you Annie girl, don't ever change!

We got the police car out and it was a HUGE hit tonight once we got off the swings.  Rosie and Annie loved it until they couldn't figure out how to make it go. HAHAHAHA!!  Patrick was a great little chauffeur tonight too.

And I'll conclude this post with some Rosie pics...

Golly can she turn it on and off at the drop of a hat!!  Girlfriend cracks me up!

Anyways, that's about all I've got for this little Monday recap!  The big kids started Camp Kirkwood today and are LOOOOOVING it and I had STEAM camp "UA Tog" (yay photogs in the makings!) at school...it's a busy week for us (with lots of photoshoots too!) but busy is good, right?!??!  Makes our afternoons much sweeter when we're all together!  Have a great week my friends!

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