A Day of Snappin' with Ted

Nearly 8 months old is my favorrrrriiiiitttttteeeee baby age.  Teddy will be 8 months old on Saturday (WHAT?! HOW THO?!??!) and I remember this age so well with the other kiddos.

It's this beautiful age where they sleep so well, eat so well, can sit up but aren't crawling yet, and are just, well, so darn happy all of the time!  I remember this age with the other ones being the 'sucker' age into wanting another baby LIKE NOW!  But this is the first time that I don't feel that at all.  I am so happy with our little family, our 4 kiddos here and 1 in heaven, and I am SO DONE with babies.  I'll just sit back and wait to love on family and friends' babies whenever the come :) This factory is CLOSEDDD for business!

Today I had some free time (shocker! truly!) and Teddy was at this magical age SO out came my camera and off I went to snapping!

Using the inspo from my friend's daugther's shoot last spring, I felt like Teddy's roles also needed to be documented and celebrated...so off I went to snap his delicious self!

Goodness. Baby boudoir should be a thing! HAHA! But how freaking cute is he?!?

He also played a bit with his Clark Bear and that was just the cutest thing ever.  I swear whenever he sees his bear he is always reaching for it and wanting to squeeze it to hear his heartbeat. Sigh. I love that.

After nap time I text my brother asking him if his sink would be available sometime for a sink bath shoot for Ted -- since we have crap light in our kitchen AND our sink faces a wall and not a window.  WELP Ben was like, "COME OVER NOW!" so off Ted and I went for some sink bath snappies!

I had Ben and Erin blowing bubbles from a wand over my shoulder and it was just amazing.  I just ADORE how these pics turned out SO SO SO MUCH!  I took a billion so trying not to overload you here with a million snaps -- haha, but yeah.  It was a good day all around for pictures with my almost 8 month old and his big self!  I know I'm going to miss this age so much -- so I feel like all of my cooperative sitting and being a happy baby photo ideas need to happen ASAP!

Have a good one friends! Happy {almost} July friends!

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