Father's Day 2020 - Lake Style

This past Sunday we darted down to Kate's Lake to spend Father's Day down there with my side of the family.  All of my June birth clients delivered early (yay!) so I had a bit of a 'free weekend' to go down there without fear that someone was going to have a baby. 

The kids got to wear their Father's Day Swanky Shank shirts and clearly humored me to pose for a picture with them with Mike. AWWWW.  I think he loved it!

Once we got down to the lake, we headed to the pool!  The big kids and Mike were gonna stay for the afternoon while Ted and I would go for a bit and then come back for his lunch and nap (and then I could edit pics from my session I had early that morning.

The kids act like they own the pool, as they go ALL OF THE TIME.  It's so darn cute.  But they are so familiar with it there they are just so comfortable swimming and playing and doing all of the things!

Okay, this series of pics cracks.me.up.  My dad threw Annie and clearly underestimated her petite self's weight and OPE.  Off she went.  I don't think I've ever laughed so hard looking at the GoPro pics I captured! HAHA!

She was totally fine and wanted to be thrown again and again and again!

Annie loved jumping off of the edge of the pool too.  She did it a million times it seemed!

Ted had a blast at the pool, but come noonish he was DONE and wanted his lunch and boob and bed.  So off we went for naps and left everyone else at the pool.

Once Ted woke up though he was quite a happy camper and was so excited his big brother and sisters were back to play with him!

I just loooooove Kate's lake.  It's our own little slice of paradise not even an hour away from our house :)

We just ordered pizza for dinner and it was so simple and perfect.  The kids had a blast playing at the pool then in Kate's yard before we had to boogey on back home.  Patrick decided to stay at his vacation home "for a couple weeks" and honestly, I'm so glad he's got his little slice of heaven down there since all of his sports and camps have been canceled this summer! 

I think Mike had a wonderful Father's Day and we sure had a blast down there celebrating him and all of the dads in our lives! 

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